Weekend Wish List

Well it would appear that another weekend has bought another online window shopping sesh! As I don't like to feel like that time was wasted I thought I'd share the current things I am lusting after...

I have absolutely no idea where I would wear this Summer Garden Butterfly Head Piece, probably just around the house while cleaning, but isn't it divine? If I liked festivals I would probably wear it to one of those, but I am really not a fan of mud, drunk people and disgusting toilets so I will most likely not be attending one this year.

I'm not massively into the whole 90's revival that's happening at the mo (it's just not really my thing as I find big jelly shoes, dungarees and scrunchies a bit clunky and un-elegant) but I do like that it has brought holographic stuff back into fashion. This Monki Isabel Holographic Clutch Bag is reasonably priced compared to others I've seen and a good size so I know I could fit all my junk in it, hoorah!

Don't you think Paul & Joe have lovely packaging? This candy-tastic Triple Cheek Colour in Berry Berry Sundae is so darling I don't know if I could ever bring myself to use it, but boy would it look sweet on my dressing table.

I feel as if I haven't bought any new make-up for aaaaages and that must be rectified! 

I'm sure you have all heard about Ciate's Shell Manicure set but just look at the pink version, it's like confetti! Can you think of anything more perfect for a Summer party? 

My mother in law is a big big fan of khaki green eye shadows and I think it must be rubbing off on me a bit as I love the look of this Clarins Eye Quartet in Forest.

I hadn't seen any Charlotte Tilbury make up in person until lovely Sophie (of Tattooed Tealady fame) showed me a lovely quad palette when I popped over a cup of tea and I was astonished by how beautiful the colours were. All of the CT items you can see above are available as the Vintage Vamp Look Gift Box - at £165 I won't be getting it any time soon but it's definitely going on my birthday list!

I've seen so many people wearing Candy Yum Yum from MAC recently that I'm surprised I haven't taken the plunge and purchased it yet, but I'm trying to save money for my August and September adventures. Let's see how much longer I can last...

It's no secret that I adore Scarlett and Jo, I've gushed about my love for them often enough, but aren't these new pieces just GORGEOUS? 

The delicate, pale palette against the black background on this Floral Print Prom Dress is just fabulous whereas the bold red blooms of this 2-in-1 Poppy Prom Dress go completely the other way into the realms of dramatic and sexy. 

My favourite of all however is the Floral Print Kimono. The florals in question are quite clearly pansies which are one of my favourite flowers and I do adore the colour combination of purple and green as it is so seldom used and creates such great impact!

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I think I've picked far too many items from H&M's homewares section to comment on them all individually, just looking at them will show why I picked each piece - they are all either glamorous, rustic or bright, kitschy and fun. My favourite piece of all I think is the apron, I long to wear it while whipping up my next cake recipe!

Have you spotted anything lovely recently that you're just dying to splash your cash on?