New Obsessions - Bait Footwear

Seriously guys, how freakin' cute are these shoes? They're by a company called Bait Footwear and I first came across them while admiring Kate's lovely outfits at Scathingly Brilliant. They all look so comfy too and none of them have whingey thin heels so the risks of my going off balance and breaking my ankle are minimised - additional points for sure!

I absolutely adore the bright pink brogue-esque Ida's in the bottom left hand corner and know I'd get a lot of wear out of them but I think my favourite are the next ones along, the Ismay in pale blue. They're just so classic and elegant but incredibly adorable to boot! I know a lot of girls think there's no point in a heel that low but I just love them, they are so comfortable and you still get that satisfying bit of lift and I'm convinced I walk more gracefully with even the teeniest heel there.

Have you ever purchased some shoes from Bait? I'd love to see photos if you have, I'm planning on starting my collection very soon!

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