Hayley Hasslehoff for Yours Clothing - My day as part of the Yours team!

A picture of Hayley Hasslehoff modelling for Yours Clothing

Well I'm sure by now you will have seen the fabulous photos from the new Yours Clothing campaign with the stunning Hayley Hasslehoff, there was a fantastic buzz yesterday about the first look at the photos in the Daily Mail Online's first look article. I was actually lucky enough to be there for the shoot, helping the Yours team as best I could and I must say I had a wonderful day, it was so interesting to see how a professional photo shoot is conducted and naturally I just adored being surrounded by pretty clothes all day!

It was an early start, I hopped on the train and stole a few extra minutes sleep before arriving at St Pancras and making my way over to Kings Cross to meet the lovely Yours team of Jacqs, Laura and Charlotte. In a cab we jumped and raced through town to Shoreditch where we went seeking a cup of coffee to wake us all up before heading to the studio. Here are some photos I took throughout the day, there are a lot there sorry! There was so much to photograph my battery died before the shoot was even finished!

A picture of details at Tuckshop at White Rabbit Studios

As you can see the space we were shooting in was fabulous, there were so many different textures and areas to shoot it really was a photographer's dream. It was also a Nancy's dream - I could have moved in then and there! I've always had a fancy for open plan living in a factory development like this, I just love mixing glamorous vintage pieces with industrial urban spaces and I could picture this loft filled with my vintage trinkets and our chesterfield sofa's very nicely!

First job when we arrived was to unpack all the clothes and organise them into the different stories or themes we had for the day. Once this was done we were on to steaming the pieces so they were all wrinkle free and ready to photograph - I'd love a steamer like this at home I'd never have to iron again! Hayley arrived while we were getting things ready and went straight in to hair and make-up after saying hello to everyone - she was wearing the most amazing black floaty outfit and some killer heels, just as I had expected! 

I fell in love with so many of the pieces that were to be used, I couldn't stop ooing and aahing over everything as we unpacked it and had a mental shopping list as long as my arm by the end of the day. I surprised myself especially as I was really drawn to the two pairs of harem trousers that Hayley modelled. I'm not a trouser person as you may have noticed (all my posts involve skirts or dresses) but these were lovely and I could see myself wearing them and not looking too stumpy and childish as I feel I do in most trousers!

As soon as Hayley was ready the shoot began - I can honestly say I've never seen anyone who looked as perfect in every photo as she did. She was so professional and knew the best poses for her body so well, every picture was wonderful it must have been a hard task picking which ones to use. She was ever so nice too, bubbly and fun and she was so interested in the brand and excited about the campaign, it was lovely to see!

The photographer Dan Kennedy was just incredible too and definitely deserves the excellent reputation he has, when I looked at his website I couldn't believe the impressive list of celebrities he has shot in the past! He truly is an artist, I can't get over the incredible knowledge he has and how he manages to create such amazing photographs - Yours couldn't have picked a better person for the job!

A picture of Hayley Hasslehoff modelling for Yours Clothing

I had such an incredible day and I can't thank the Yours team enough for inviting me along. The girls were real gems and ever so kind and friendly, they definitely made the day for me. I had worried I would feel a bit awkward and like a third wheel at the shoot but the girls were so welcoming and Dan and the photography team were great fun.

Again I want to express how impressed I am with all the pieces featured in this campaign, and not only those but pretty much everything Yours have put out this year. They've definitely become much more fashion forward but have still kept up with their reputation for excellent fitting and flattering pieces and price points that don't break the bank. I highly recommend you take a look at the pieces Hayley modelled, if you're new to Yours you can get 15% off your first order if you sign up to the mailing list or if you're already a customer you can get free delivery this month by using the code 'JUNE'.

It's safe to say that Hayley isn't the only one that loves Yours, so do I!!!

Make sure you check back tomorrow when I'll be re-creating one of the outfits Hayley modelled!

A picture of Hayley Hasslehoff modelling for Yours Clothing and doing a hand heart shadow

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