Some (possibly) interesting things you may not know about me...

  • My absolute favourite band ever is The Bouncing Souls.
  • Despite not being religious I absolutely love Christian art and collect old paintings and any kitschy religious icon stuff that I can find.

  • I had a proper shaved sides mohawk/mohican for about a year in my teens with the sides dyed leopard print.
  •  I have a tattoo of a swallowther (a swallows body with a panther head) which was completely unplanned and done by my friend Chin when I was helping him out at a tattoo convention.

  • My first blog was a food blog and you can find it here.
  • My first 'proper' non retail job was at a wedding invitation shop. Brides be crazy yo.
  • It's pretty much my goal in life to look and smell like a delicious dessert - my favourite perfumes and vanilla, candy and fruit based scents.
  • In my teens I started apprenticing as a tattooist but had to give it up when I moved into my own place cause I had to pay bills. I wish I had carried it on...
  • I absolutely love The Moomins and collect anything Moomin related that I can get my hands on!
  • My favourite foods are french fries, freshly made onion rings, home made pavlova with lots of whipped cream and lemon curd and passion fruit pulp, calamari, doughnut peaches, Oreo Dairy Milk, a good rare steak with bearnaise sauce and palmier pastries from Laduree.
  • I find it really hard to sit and watch a show or movie at home without doing something else at the same time and it drives Pete crazy!
  • I love playing Super Princess Peach on my Nintendo DS when I can find the time.
  • I'm only really interested in books, films and tv shows set in beautiful eras of the past because enveloping myself in a time of politeness, gentility and glamour makes me feel safe and happy. I love Poirot for just this reason!
  • I studied textiles print and design, media studies and an extended award in fine art when I was at school, but I hated being there and quit half way through my A levels.
  • I get a bit nervous in lifts because I got stuck in one while on a school trip to Paris because it was too full and just stopped moving - it was pretty scary as we didn't know how high we'd gone up but it turned out we were only about a metre from the bottom!
  • I used to run a mail order bakery service and sold cakes through a coffee shop in town, but stopped as it took up all of my spare time.
  • I've been told I'm a good singer and even started lessons to perfect my style but I get really nervous and don't like to sing in front of people so I stopped!
  • I was born and have lived in the same place all my life - I need to escape to somewhere new for at least a few years!
  • The first CD I bought was a compilation of Motown songs and the first single was a cassette tape of the first Spice Girls single!
  • I have always wanted to be a platinum blonde even as a little girl, ever since I first saw Marilyn Monroe.
  • I used to play the double bass.
  • I adore cities and long to live in a fun one some day, the countryside is great for relaxing holidays but the quiet freaks me out a little!
  • I haven't been on a proper holiday to another country since I was six years old, the closest I've got is a weekend in Copenhagen visiting family and a few days in Paris with school. One day Pete and I hope to be able to afford a trip to San Francisco, Florida and Las Vegas. I'd also love to visit some towns in the southern states like Charleston and New Orleans.
  • I have bad acne and can't find a cure and it depresses the crap out of me, thank the lord for full coverage make up.
  • I really like doing stuff on my own and am more comfortable doing so. I freak out about letting people help me do things, but sometimes I get really lonely and miss my friends an awful lot - sadly most of them have moved away in the last year so I'm a bit of a loner at the moment...
  • I'm pretty much always cold.
  • I blog as a way to use my creative skills and to stop myself going mad from having to work jobs that I hate and have nothing to do with my passions! I'm so glad I started because I've met so many lovely people and it keeps me sane!
I love posts like this, do share yours with me if you've done one too!