Pattern Power - An Outfit Post

One of those 'fashion rules' that I just love to break is that plus size chicks shouldn't wear bold print or stripes. What a load of nonsense, I don't think a bold pattern looks better on skinny or fat people it just depends how you personally rock the look and if you're a QI fan like me I'm sure you'll know that the whole 'horizontal stripes makes you look fatter' thing is a big pile of rubbish (and who cares even if they did).

I nabbed this dress in the last Simply Be sale and was mainly drawn to it as the print reminds me so much of the amazing traditional hand dyed and printed African fabrics which I have a big love for. One day I'd love to learn to sew properly and then I could whip myself up all manner of cute dresses in bright kooky fabrics like the ones you can buy here.

Welcome to my butt shelf!

This fit on this dress is bang on I'd say. I went for a size 24 and it's pretty much perfect, possibly a smidge tight over my tum but that is to be expected as I usually wear a 26 in a fitted skirt but it's not uncomfortable and I'd still be happy wearing it with just normal panties and tights like I am in the pic above. 

The fabric is very light and soft and has a great amount of stretch, as does the little belt like stripe of PU fabric across the waist on the front. The length of both the sleeves and the body of the dress are spot on in my opinion and the nice wide scoop neckline allows for a nice necklace or two. I've worn this at work a few times now with a black cardigan or jacket and got lots of compliments, it's a fabulous unusual print I think which really stands out and the bright colours are perfect - it actually reminds me a bit of the Cut for Evans prints from earlier this year. 

If you're looking for a comfy new dress that is light and bright but styled for a smart occasion I'd highly recommend this baby, for only £35 full price it's not too nasty on the purse either!

Black 80 Denier Tights - Tesco (size XL)
Embroidered Slipper Shoes with Diamante Heels - Dolcis (similar)
Gold Cage Necklace - New Look (not online)
Gold Diamond Cut Tube Necklace - Topshop (not online)