Monochrome Animal Print Clutch Bag Restyle

I have something a little different today my lovelies, a bit of a DIY job you might say! I was very kindly given a very nice grey leather look clutch bag with heavy chain detailing recently and although it was lovely as it was I couldn't think of many of my own clothes it would really go with. I don't own much grey as I tend to go for black or brightly coloured pieces usually and the style although lovely felt a little too 'serious' for my liking. I thought it needed a touch of kitschy fun adding to it, and so I got out my paints!

As you can see from the photo above I just used regular acrylic paints. As the name suggests they give a plasticy finish for want of a better word, and so won't rub off or come off when in contact with water like most other paints would. Now I always knew leopard print was what I wanted to go for but originally had planned to do the centres in hot pink, but when I'd finished adding the black I decided I liked the monochrome look and left it as it is.

It was ever so easy, I started by doing random splodges over the front of the bag in white, unevenly spaced so it didn't look too uniform. Once they had dried (which doesn't take long with acrylics) I went in with the black paint around each splodge leaving a gap or two and then adding some smaller slodges around the big ones. I just grabbed something leopard print and followed the pattern basically and it turned out great.

I like the effect so much I might have a look on eBay for some more leather look items to paint!