He's the exact opposite of everything I really hate.

Yup, another crop top. Sorry if you're getting bored of em, but they're pretty much my new love. So comfy and cool in these little bursts of heat we're getting and I think they look pretty bitchin' with my staple pencil skirts. If you're confused as to why I just used the word 'bitchin' since we're no longer in the 90's and what the title of this post is all about, they're references to the comic/movie Ghost World. I'll explain a little more later on...

I got this shirt while on a little jaunt to Sheffield with my guy and my lil sis and her boyfriend on Saturday. The traffic there and back was hideous so we didn't have as long there as we had wanted but we found a few cool little shops while waiting for Stefan to get his hair cut at a cool little barbers called Savills. One of them I fell in love with, it was called Collard Manson and was super creepy and weird - I bought some glass tumbler paraffin candles with religious icons on which I've been looking for for AGES (I love Christian are despite not being religious) and a carved wooden pen with an angry bunny on it. Turns out there's actually one other store and it's in Nottingham which is super close to me so I'm looking forward to a lil trip there soon!

This tee is actually from H&M and is from the regular sized section rather than H&M+ (which in my opinion pretty much always sucks unless you're looking for plain boring stuff), it's a size large but as it's an oversized style I figured I'd give it a go and it fits pretty much perfectly I'd say! It's a nice thin, soft fabric so it hangs nicely and the back is slightly dipped, although that could just be because it's an unhemmed cut edge to the bottom and they are all probably a little different.

I've teamed it with my favourite black velour pencil skirt which was part of an old Claire Richards collection for Fashion World. I'll be mortified if it ever gives up the ghost as I wear it at least twice a week! Despite it being pretty warm this weekend we were getting bursts of rain so I figured boots would be a smart choice and threw on these lovely studded ankle boots from Simply Be. They're super comfy, I chose the EEE fit so I could wear socks over my tights. I absolutely adore them and although they're £65 which some may consider a little pricey they are leather and seem well made and I know I'm going to get lots of wear out of them.

As for accessories I grabbed my favourite tote bag that I got from New Look a lil while ago. It has a lather look main body with 'wings' of faux suede dotted with lots of little studs and works with so many outfits as it's such a classic shape brought up to date with the multi textures.

I didn't want to take away from the print of the shirt so didn't wear a necklace but I grabbed a pink gerbera hair clip and a pink feather butterfly clip to add to my hair and my gorgeous Betsey Johnson shades that I nabbed at a bargain £12.99 at TK Maxx a little while ago. Betsey makes my favourite sunnies, they're always so fun and kitschy! These are a gold glitter base with purple and black leopard print and gold mirrored lenses, ridiculous and amazing!

So as I mentioned earlier, this top immediately made me think of the movie Ghost World and specifically the character Enid who drags her poor, socially awkward new friend Seymour (Steve Buscemi!!!!) into a 'private shop' and borrows money off him to buy the cat lady mask you can see above. When I got the shirt off the rail I actually saw that it's Batman branded so is clearly actually a Catwoman shirt, but Enid is cooler then Catwoman so I'm sticking with my interpretation!!!

Meow & Mask Crop Top - H&M - £12.99 (it was £9.99 in store...)
Black Velour Pencil Skirt - Simply Be - No longer available but these are
Studded Ankle Boots (E or EEE fit) - Simply Be - £65.00
Black Studded Tote Bag - New Look - No longer available but this is similar
Pink Gerbera Hair Clip - Gift but this is similar
Pink Feather Butterfly Hair Clip - Primark - No longer available but these are similar
Betsey Johnson Gold Sunglasses - TK Maxx - No longer available but these are similar

I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend, did you get up to anything exciting?