Breaking The (Plus Size) Rules - Horizontal Stripes & a Crop Top from Simply Be!

Hi sugarpies! So I'm here with my second outfit video, this time with something a little more daring and trendy, namely a horizontal striped pencil skirt and a monochrome cropped tee!

Yep, breaking two of the biggest rules wearing things that silly people tell you that fat girls shouldn't wear, but I say why the hell not! The whole horizontal stripes makes you look wider thing is a load of rubbish (or at least Stephen Fry said so on QI so I guess it must be true) and if someone is offended by seeing a but of your cute chubby tum then butts to them! If you think you look great in it that's all that matters and I can genuinely say I felt great in this outfit, but that said I don't think I would ever have tried something like this if it hadn't been for this wonderful lady Tess Munster.

If you don't know who Tess is (which would surprise me as she is pretty darn famous now!) she's a plus size model  based in California and is pretty flipping amazing! Tess is the only plus size model that I can really relate to mainly because she's a similar size and shape to me, unlike nearly every other PS model I have seen. She also has lots of tattoos like me and seems to have pretty similar tastes when it comes to clothes and style and things like that. When you grow up in a culture that tells you that looking like I do (plus size, tattoos, unconventional hair and make up) and liking the things that I do is weird and to be made fun of it's really incredible to see someone so similar who is so confident and doing so well (especially in the modelling industry) and I know it sounds a bit weird but my confidence has grown by seeing Tess do so well.

But anyway, I love Tess and what she is doing to help encourage body confidence at any size or appearance is great and you should check her out if you're unfamiliar with her and her #effyourbeautystandards movement.

So to the outfit I'm wearing... I decided to try a few crop tops after seeing Tess wearing them and looking really cute because we're of a similar size. I actually saw a photo of her in the skirt I'm wearing here too although not with this top! Both items are from Simply Be who are currently my absolute favourite high street retailer, mainly because they're the only place I can find on trend items in my size that aren't faffed about with to make them acceptable for fat girls i.e. making things longer and baggier to cover us up like a lot of places do. Simply Be really let you celebrate your shape and express yourself through fashion and I loooooove them!

The skirt is definitely one of my new favourite pieces, I got it in my local Leicester store on Saturday. I was really pleased to see it in there because I'd been eyeing it up for ages online but not known what the fit would be like so I grabbed it along with the matching top and tried it on. I just wasn't feeling the matching top for some reason but I had a feeling in my mind that the monochrome crop from another matching set that I already have would look really great and thankfully when I got it home and tried it it did!

The skirt is a textured waffle type fabric which works really really well for this style and with the stripes - I'd been worried that the white would show my undies through but because its a nice thick fabric it doesn't, yay no VP! It's stretchy as is my preference for a pencil skirt and I think it's pretty true to size, I got my normal size and it was bang on and it was the same with the crop top.

I managed to nag my little sis into posing in a few pics with me hoorah! She's so darn perdy!

Monochrome Twosie Crop Top - Simply Be - £35.00
Stripe Waffle Jersey Pencil Skirt - Simply Be - £30.00
Gold Gem Slipper Shoes - New Look - Sold out but these are similar!

You can watch the video here, there's a silly bit at the end from when my Dad was helping me film - you can hear my fabulously Leicester accent and watch me pull silly faces haha!