The Curve Ultimate Bolero and Hell Yeah Crop Top Review + Lip Print Skirt - Evening Look

That's right guys, a PU crop top. In plus sizes. Thank you The Curve! As soon as I spotted it on their website I fell in love, but had no idea what I'd team it with. I knew that it would look great with the bolero jacket from the same collection but as I'm a pear shape I needed a bigger size than was available in the matching skirt, so needed to find another option. I was really excited to spot the bolero by the way, I've been trying to find a short jacket for some time as they look best with my short torso, but I've had a hard time finding one that wasn't a bit 'mumsy' so was thrilled when I spotted this bad boy!

I can't tell you how impressed I am with these two pieces from The Curve. Firstly they arrived beautifully packaged in a black box and wrapped in tissue paper with a cute little card. I think some companies underestimate the power of good packaging. If you've ever treated yourself to a fancy purchase you'll know how nice it is to see it being lovingly wrapped up and placed in a pretty box and bag for you. It also shows that the company cares about the product when they take the time to protect it in something substantial so it's safe and sound on it's way home. Good quality boxes also mean you have storage for your posh purchase so you can keep it safe at home too, and obviously it adds that extra touch of class that you want when you're spending a little more on something.

But it wasn't just the packaging that impressed me, the quality of the jacket and crop top really blew me away. The stitching is all beautiful and the fabrics are thick and luxurious feeling with details like the gold zip on the crop top tipping it over the edge. These pieces feel and look really special and I would have expected higher price tags for such well made and unusual pieces - the crop top comes in at £39.00 and the bolero jacket at £55.00.

I really really love this outfit, when I've described it to people I've had a couple of odd looks but when I've shown them they've all loved it and I feel surprisingly comfortable in it. Isn't it amazing how if you think you look good you get a crazy confidence boost? The magic of fashion!!!

This week has been a big one for wearing stuff that I never dreamed I would be confident to wear and I want to send out a quick thank you to everyone for saying such lovely things about my swimwear post. One of the best things I've found about blogging is the support and kindness we all share with each other, it's a shame that there are so many people out there that don't get that support in their everyday life. I love complimenting people cause I love making people happy which in turn makes me feel good, it's a win win situation. Why not try giving someone a compliment at least once a day and see how great it makes you both feel?

Ultimate Bolero Jacket - c/o The Curve
Hell Yeah Crop Top - c/o The Curve
Heels - Clothing at Tesco
Plastic Jewel Shape Clutch - TK Maxx (similar)