Simply Be & Look Magazine Collection Blogger Dinner

Well what a treat this was! A few weeks ago the lovely folks at Simply Be sent me a very exciting invitation to dinner to look at their new collaboration collection with a fashion magazine, they didn't say who it was when the invites first when out which only added to my excitement! The dinner was to be held at Balthazar in Covent Garden which tipped my excitement factor over the edge as I've wanted to eat there for such a long time after hearing such great things about the New York restaurants.

So after work on the 23rd I jumped on a train to London where I met lovely Rosie at the station and we whizzed to Covent Garden on the tube. I can tell you, although I loved what I wore (the outfit in my last post) it may not have been the best choice as it was hot as all hell on the tube and in the reception room at Balthazar! We arrived to a room already full of beautiful blogger babes, the Simply Be and Look magazine girlies and their PR teams and had a wonderful chat and look at the Look collection before sitting down to dinner. Boy is the private dining room at Balthazar beautiful, all glossy embossed tiles and dark wood with patina'd walls and Art Deco-esque lighting!

The meal was just amazing as I'd expected and I was sat with some lovely ladies Katie, Becky, Charlotte and Sarah, some who I had met before and some who I hadn't. The evening just flew by and before I knew it people were starting to leave, I ended up having a lovely walk back to Leicester Square with Lauren, Katie, Danielle and Callie. It was raining a little but the city is so beautiful at night that it didn't matter, and then back on the train I was zooming back to little Loughborough.

It was a marvellous evening and I'd like to thank Simply Be and Look Magazine so much for invited me, and thank you to all the other lovely bloggers who made it such a fabulous event. Now, here is the Look collection for you to peruse, I'm happy to report that all the pieces were just as beautiful if not even more beautiful in person. It's a great mix of styles I think with some really on point pieces like the jumpsuit, midi skirt and duster coat which are all key looks for the upcoming season. Keep your eyes peeled for my review of the lovely prom dress which will be up in the next few weeks!

You can view the look book here and shop the collection here.

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