Tokyo Blossom - An Outfit Post & Grazia Floral Print Dress Review

Hello darlings! Well, sadly the weekend is over and we're into another work week but this outfit should at least throw a pop of colour into your morning! I think one really exciting thing that I'm seeing this season from all the plus size stores I shop at is a more brave use of bright, bold colours, and why not! You don't have to be a skinny one to rock something with a loud pattern that's so colourful you need shades on to look at it directly!

This stunner of a dress is by Grazia who I must say have really impressed me with their new collection. I love pretty much every piece in it but this dress is the one that caught my eye from the start, it's just such a beautiful shape and I have always had a love for Japan ever since I was a little girl so the cherry blossom print and thick curved belt reminiscent of the obi belt worn with a kimono called out to me right away. It can be hard to get an orient inspired dress right without it looking like something one would purchase from an incense filled seaside hippy emporium with the standard rope button asymmetric fastening to the neckline which makes me for some reason think of something a creepy old lady at a swingers party might wear (where does that connotation come from?!) but Grazia have hit it bang on the head with this contemporary twist on classic Japanese geisha fashion. You might recognise it as beautiful Betty Pamper also recently reviewed it!

The dress itself is lined with a stretchy material but the outer body is a lovely silky polyester which means it's machine washable - yay! There is a bit of stretch to the main body of the fabric, but not a huge amount - I was ok sitting down but had to keep a good posture for it to still look nice, not a bad thing as you should always have good posture anyway and sometimes I do a naughty slouch!

I really adore the slightly winged sleeves which I find very flattering to my upper arms and the contrast of the purple with the orange is divine and daring and just plain gorgeous. There's a tie to the waist too which I threw into a bow at the back, although you may be able to do something interesting with it at the front if you are a creative lil lady.

Despite the bright colours this isn't very hard to style up because of the black detailing to the print which is present enough for you to be able to wear a little black jacket and shoes and it not look odd, although you could just go all out and throw another colour into the mix like I did with my pink and green hair flower with dangling plastic cherries! I bought it at a vintage fair in Edinburgh last year but I just can't think who it was from sorry...

Red lips and black eyeliner were an obvious must as was an elaborate up do a la beautiful geisha girls but my main inspiration for this outfit came from the gorgeous Micheline Pitt and Doris Mayday as you can see above (sorry Laura for cutting you out of the photo but I wanted to show the dresses and hair flowers!). They are both wearing pieces which I believe are from a new capsule collection coming to Pin Up Girl Clothing this year - I hope some of the pieces are released in plus sizes too as I adore what Doris has on with the pretty purple flowers and adorable bolero jacket! I haven't quite got a flower hair piece as big as theirs yet, but I'm planning to have a go at making some soon so watch this space for a tutorial if I can master it!

I also threw some bright turquoise into the mix here with this new Gelly nail polish from Barry M, the shade is called Guava and is just fabulous. I also have the shade called Prickly Pear and I love that one too. Two coats and you're away with wonderfully shiny bright nails, people always ask where it's from when I wear it and it has really great staying power too!

The Grazia Floral Print Dress is available from Fashion World and is priced at £60, you can buy it here.
*dress was gifted for review*