Today I'm hungry for...

I don't know what it is, but this week I am one hungry lady. I just can't stop thinking about delicious plates full of salty, slippery udon noodles and pretty dessert bowls piled with meringues and cream and passion fruit pulp. All I want is a grand feast, but sadly I won't be getting one as I'm trying to save my pennies for when Pete goes away for the weekend at the end of the month - I want to be able to treat myself a little while he's away to take my mind off missing him so! As I've been dreaming of gastronomic fantasies I decided to have a peruse online and find some recipes to make soon when my bank balance can afford a giant food shop and these are my top picks...

OK so the first one isn't a dish it's a cocktail, but then again a cocktail is the best way to start off any meal! This is one of my favourites an Aviation, put together wonderfully here by Food52. It combines all my favourite things - gin, crème de violette and maraschino cherry so it's no wonder I love it so much!

Second up is the perfect dessert after that fabulous cocktail, Rhubarb and Gin Sorbet with Rose Cream - a dream come true again from Food52 and again combining lots of my favourite flavours into an amazing sounding sweet treat. Bring on the gin!

This dreamy Salmon Sashimi Rice Bowl caught my eye straight away, that poached egg and smooth pink salmon looks just divine and I adore sticky warm rice, especially if it's cooked the Thai way with coconut milk. It looks like it's been topped with one of my favourite things too - little rice topper packages that you can get from Asian supermarkets that come in different flavours and contain teeny strips of dried seaweed, sesame seeds and ground up dried shrimp or fish or chicken or vegetables. They turn a plain bowl of rice into something much more special and they're super cheap!

Everyone that knows me knows that I'm a sucker for creamy coconut desserts. These Coconut Dream Puffs combine that addiction with crisp little shells of pastry - to quote Ina, how bad can that be?!

I just love aubergines, but sadly Pete isn't a fan so I don't eat them very often so I make take the opportunity while he's away to whip up a tray of this amazing looking Eggplant Parmesan and indulge!

I don't know where I'll ever get it, but I'm determined to hunt down some pine syrup after seeing this recipe for Mountain Pine Ice Cream! Wouldn't it be just perfect for Christmas? Yes, I know I'm crazy and it's only March but it's good to plan ahead. I'm rolling my eyes at myself here...

I guess I must really be wanting some salmon as I've picked another recipe for it here, this time in the form of Glazed Salmon with Vodka Infused Orange Dill Sauce. I've never had salmon with orange before, only ever with lemon, but I know that dill is it's perfect partner so I'd love to give this a try.

Next up are these scrumptious looking Old Fashioned Sour Cream Doughnuts - just look at that cheeky sweet glaze and crispy edged dough! What more is there to say but YUM!

This Feta Cheese Marinated in Fresh Herbs looks like the most wonderful starter for a dinner party served with little bruschettas and champagne, although I'm not sure it would make it to the table without me taking a big chunk out of it before anyone else got in there!

Last up is this kitsch-tastic Pink Velvet Cake from Cake Whiz covered in silky strawberry frosting and chopped fruit. Serve me up a big slice and sit me in front of a John Waters movie and I will be one happy chica!