The (Tweed) Caped Crusader

So you may remember me being all excited a few weeks ago when I placed my order from the Simply Be winter clearance sale. I ordered a few different pieces but the item I was most excited to receive was this Belted Tweed Cape Coat! I've wanted it for ages but the original full price of £80.00 was a little too much for me as I had already bought my winter coat when it was released and I wasn't sure if it would actually suit me, but as it went down to just £24 I couldn't resist adding it to my cold weather collection!

To be perfectly honest though, this is not something I would wear if it was really cold as it genuinely is a cap with just holes for your arms. If you had a nice snuggly long sleeved jumper on it would probably be ok, but I prefer to have arms on my coats when it's frosty outside!

That said, it is lovely and warm as the tweed fabric is nice and thick and it's fully lined. I was kind of unsure if I liked it the first time I put it on but now I'm pretty sold, it's just a great, classic design that is pretty unusual these days - I think it's a real shame that capes aren't as fashionable any more I just love them! I am seeing some cape dresses around at the moment though so fingers crossed they're creeping back into style!

The belt definitely makes the coat as it is very bulky and unflattering without it, but the belt sinches the waist in nicely and creates pleats in the fabric so it has a peplum like appearance which we all know I'm a big fan of. The collar actually does all the way up but this makes me look a little too Sherlock Holmes so I just folded the collar down. I think I'll pin a nice glitzy vintage brooch on to the collar next time I wear it just to add an extra touch of decadence!

Looking at the back and side views above I actually love it even more as it's very flattering to my shape and does a great job of disguising the dreaded back chub with the belt sinched in nicely. I'm looking forward to trying it with a few dresses and different skirt styles to see what it looks like as I've only tried it with straight or pencil styles so far. I'm wearing it here with my Mat. Fashion Asymmetric Striped Dress and studded ankle boots from Evans.

If you think you'd like to try this classy classic coat then head here to the Simply Be website to snap one up in the sale while you still can, but be quick about it as some sizes are selling out!