Style Icons - Blogger Edition #2 - Betty Pamper

Photo by Nicky Rockets

Well it feels like a while since I did a Style Icons post, but I'm back with another and this one's a doozy. I'm positive that this lady will need no introduction for you but just for conventions sake, this is the beautimous, fabulous, wonderful Betty Pamper.

I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Betty last October when I did a photo shoot with her and three other lovely ladies for Simply Be. Naturally I had been reading Betty's blog for a long time prior to this and had seen her at Plus North although been too shy to say hello so it was really lovely to meet her in person. Sometimes I have to stop myself coming across as a creepy creep when I meet fellow bloggers in real life, when you follow someone on Twitter and Bloglovin etc etc you kinda get to know their day to day life somewhat so dropping into conversation that you remember how they ate pancakes last Tuesday from an Instagram pic you remember can make you come across a bit stalker-y. Apologies to anyone who I have scared with my mega memory of things like that... ahem. But anyway, Betty is in person just as fun and lovely and warm as you imagine she will from her writing. I must confess that I look up to her somewhat as she is such a confident and intelligent woman, hopefully one day I too will be that way!

Photo by Nicky Rockets

It isn't hard to see why I feel a bit of a connection with Betty - after all we both like to channel a fun, sexy, pin-up style look and neither of us will leave the house without a bit of slap on although Betty is more hardcore than me wearing false lashes every day! She really is a true glamour puss! We also both have a love for old B movies and pop art and I would just kill for her house, our tastes for interior design are also very similar.

Betty's husband Nicky Rockets is an amazing photographer (he does her blog pics for her too) and also a great artist, he designed her new blog header and the wonderful t-shirt she has on in the first picture which I also own thanks to the generosity of lovely Betty! If me and Pete ever end up tying the knot I know who I'll be going to to be our photographer!

Betty modelling for Yours Clothing

I think the main reason why I love Betty so much is the brave and confident manner in which she writes about issues relating to being a fat person in the age that we live in. Her text is always thought provoking and her way with words is wonderful, reading her post is more like discussing the matter with a friend and she gives us fat ladies a voice and gives me personally the confidence boost I need to be who I am and not give a damn about what other people think about the way I dress. It is very safe to say that this blog would not be here today if Betty hadn't been inspiring me over the last few years and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for being such a wonderful woman, her (incredibly cute) daughter is so very lucky to have such an inspiring mum.

The now infamous metallic leggings! I think Betty rocks them like no other - after seeing this post I decided to try to wear some more above the knee styles, something I have tried to avoid before as I hate my knees! Photo by Nicky Rockets

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