Life Lately... I'm a busy busy bee!

The image above accurately sums up how February has felt for me! It's been lots of fun (other than the studying) but oh my lordy have I been a busy bee! Here's a little of what I've been up to...

After the fabulous day I spent in London at the Claire Richards and Anna Scholz events I was back in London again the very next day with my little sis for her 21st birthday! I had booked our train tickets and entry to 'Isabella Blow - Fashion Galore!' as her birthday present and we had a really great time. The exhibition was amazing, I was surprised to be more interested in the Philip Treacy hats than all the McQueen on show but seriously the hats and head pieces were just incredible, I was particularly a fan of the velvet and swarovski studded mesh pieces and the fairy tale castle hat.

The weather was pretty darn horrible but we didn't let that stop us shopping! We headed to Laduree so lil sis could grab some birthday macarons and I treated myself to a palmier which I had for breakfast the next day and was unbelievably tasty. Then we had a wander down Regent Street, popping into Anthropologie where I bought some perfume and then into a few clothes shops like H&M. We stopped off in Carnaby to grab a mega tasty late lunch at The Diner and then enjoyed a little more retail therapy in the Make Up Store and Liberty. Oxford Street was the last call where we headed into Forever 21 (BOO that GIANT store doesn't hold ANY of their plus size range!) and Primark (argh) and then jumped on a tube back to Euston to grab our train home. It was a bit of a whirl wind trip and the weather was just vile so I'm hoping me and the tiny one will manage another trip in the Summer for less of a wet, rushed visit!

I've made a few new make-up purchases this month and have been having fun every now and again playing with them all! I'm particularly enamoured by my Make Up Store powder pigments and MUA lip lacquers which I have done posts on already. Sadly I was really disappointed with the MUA mattifying loose powder which I bought - it was meant to be translucent but was far too orangey for me when I put it on and I was shinier than ever by lunch time, what a shame! 

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I took my Foundation Insurance Test this Friday just gone and thank gawd I passed! I had to pass to get through probation at my new job so it was kind of a big deal and I was so darn nervous - it's a good job I had Pete there to calm me down the night before that's all I can say! It just so happened that after I found out I had passed the exam I got an email from Simply Be about their Winter Clearance sale and thought I deserved a little treat so I ordered the items above.

I've wanted the tweed cape coat for ages but as it was £80 and I already have my winter coat for this year I resister, however when it went down to £24 in the sale my resolve melted away and I ordered it - I've never had a cape coat before and I'm praying that it looks good, I'll be devastated if not as I just adore cape style garments! The red dress was something I've also been eyeing for a while but never needed so I had just left it, but it went down to £13.50 and I think it will be adorable for the summer, as will the stripey jacquard tee which naturally I'll tuck into a nice pencil skirt with I think some red accessories. The sweater is actually for my little sis, she tried it on when we went to the Simply Be store in the Highcross a little while ago but it was over her budget and as it went down to just £10.50 I ordered her one as a little present.

And finally, the reason I was pretty internet absent this last weekend is that I was at my SIL's hen do which I have been organising since last year. I am thrilled to say that it was an amazing weekend, everyone was just lovely and we all had a blast. It was a little boozey as a hen do should be but we also packed in some nice activities like a buffet while everyone got to know each other on the first night, pottery painting on the Saturday before a big tasty dinner at the diner style restaurant and then a busy Sunday of a pancake breakfast, bowling and a swim. I can't wait to see everyone again at the wedding - it's only six weeks away eek!

Keep your eyes peeled on Saturday ladies as I will have a very special giveaway on Friday to celebrate my 200th post!