A few of my favourite things! An outfit post and Simply Be Pink PU Biker Jacket review

I am fully aware that this is kind of a weird outfit, but today I thought it would be fun to wear all of my current favourite things together and see what happens. It is Sunday after all, and in my books on Sundays you can do whatever you want.

I'm pretty sure most of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram will know how excited I was when Simply Be released their pink biker jacket and how thrilled I was when it arrived, I literally ordered it as soon as I saw it on the website! It's such a beautiful pale pink and the PU faux leather is so soft and lovely. The quilted detail over the shoulders and arms is great and I love the gun-metal silver rather than bright silver to the zips and buttons - if they had been gold rather than silver I would have been over the moon but they're still fab as they are. As well as the quilting there are a few other traditional biker jacket features that most of the fashion brand versions miss out such as the belt loops and buttoned overlap at the bottom of the zip. I just adore when you take a piece of clothing traditionally associated with outlaws and troublemakers and give it an overtly feminine makeover like this, it's such a fabulous juxtaposition.

As usual I ordered a size down from my usual top size, I always do this as a like a more form fitting look with jackets and it help things look better on my short body. I also don't have a very big bust so I don't need to worry about having room in that area, but if you are blessed with big bosoms then I'd stick with your regular upper body size. If I could have changed anything with this jacket the only thing would be making it short into a more cropped style, but only because that suits me more!

As for the rest of the outfit, the skirt will also be familiar as I've worn it in a post or two before. It's from ASOS Curve and is a great, eye catching item. Most of the time I wear this skirt with plain items to let it get the attention it deserves, but today I wore it with my favourite band shirt which I got at a Clutch show a few years ago. I never usually like the fit of standard t-shirts and often cut them down into a more feminine shape. This one I cut into a v neck and stripped off the sleeves so it's more like a vest, which I find far more comfortable then the standard high ribbed neck of a normal t-shirt.

The shoes were a recent TK Maxx acquisition from a trip to Sheffield last weekend. I never find any shoes in my size at my local TK Maxx stores and was pleasantly surprised to find about three pairs I liked in the Sheffield store - I'll be making sure I head there again soon to see if I can find more pairs of pretty flats to buy! I just love how kitschy and silly these are, the berry pink velour, the embroidery and the diamante on the heels add up to crazy shoe perfection in my eyes!

As for accessories I wore my Crown and Glory medium glitter bow which I actually bought to wear to my SIL's wedding, but I'm not sure if I will any more so decided to give it a test run. The pictures don't do it justice at all, it's the glitziest, glitteriest thing I own and I love it. I'll definitely be buying some more colours, although I think I would prefer it on a headband as it's a little heavier than I'd like on a crocodile style clip so I think I'm going to do a DIY job on this one and stick it to a band.

The beautiful mirrored green necklace I actually won in an Instagram giveaway and is from Sugar and Vice. It's so much more lovely than I imagined it would be and the chain length if perfect, often I have trouble finding necklaces that are long enough not to cover my lil diamond tattoo but this sits in just the right place! My next purchase from them will definitely be the Gin or Death necklace - as I have a gin bottle tattoo I think it would only be right to, and isn't their packaging lovely?!

Clutch Vest Top - Customised t-shirt bought at a concert
Embroidered Slipper Shoes - Dolcis (sold out but these are pretty and vaguely similar)

Happy Sunday everyone!