Winter Blooms - Scarlett & Jo Black Floral Print Prom Dress Review

Oh dear my lovelies, I thought I already had a flowery dress at the number one spot in my wardrobe but now this beautiful new number is vying for that top spot and doing a very good job! If you're a regular reader you'll know I absolutely adore Scarlett and Jo and all the pieces they bring out, they are always perfectly engineered to make you feel a million bucks and this darling floral prom dress is no exception.

This posy covered delight is part of the Spring Romance collection which celebrates Scarlett and Jo's first anniversary. I'm ever so excited after reading the press release as the collection is inspired by their vintage print archives and will feature 1940's style wrap dresses as well as the floral 1950's prom styles. I absolutely cannot wait to see the 1940's style pieces!

As is usual with S&J the fabrics used to construct this baby are top notch - great thickness and softness and great bold colours combined with a super soft mesh over the chest and arms. One of the details with a lot of mesh topped S&J dresses is the super sexy 'v' at the back which I especially love as it shows off my tattoos! You can also see here that the mesh stops at the perfect place so it doesn't show your bra clasp - this is a particular pet peeve of mine as plus size ladies often have bigger busts and going bra-less is just a no go, so pieces that are so low that they show the back of your bra are pretty much pointless unless you'll be wearing a cardigan or jacket over them.

The length is perfect, sitting just below the knee. This dress also features a built in satiny petticoat to give the skirt some of that iconic 50's full skirted shape which works perfectly with the sweetheart bust detailing and adorable little sash to the waist which you can tie into a bow and wear in any position.

The print too I think is very lovely - I really like how it isn't a photo precise and overly busy print which a lot of modern repro vintage florals can be. The painted style of the roses is very authentic as are the palette of colours used, but the mesh and black background give it a nice nudge into the 21st Century.

Sorry about the strings!!!!

Make sure you keep an eye out for the other pieces in the Spring Romance collection too, I really can't wait to see them!