Dark, Decadent and Definitely Glamorous - ASOS Curve does dramatic chic right!

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I was a teenage goth. Black hair, spiderweb eyeliner, ankhs, New Rock boots, black velvet skirts - the works. My idols were Siouxsie Sioux, Morticia Adams, Tairrie B and Lily Munster - but I sadly never managed to look that glamorous. I've never lost my love for the dark and dramatic but I like to think that now I can project that look in a more mature, chic and less teenage rebel kind of a way.

I was taking a virtual stroll through the ASOS Curve range the other day going through and opening anything that looked interesting in another tab as I always do, and when I went to look at my picks I realised that they were all devilishly pretty and deep hued and oh so sexy in very different ways - bodycons to hug your curve, skater styles to nip in your waist and accentuate your hips, maxi dresses with slits and cut out to flash a lovely peek of skin and silky flowing wrap dresses that draw your mind to slinky negligees and beautiful vintage silk dressing gowns.

I think my favourite piece from the above is number 14, the baroque embellished skater dress as it reminds me so much of Dolce & Gabbana's Fall 12/13 show which I absolutely ADORED - you can, sorry should, watch the whole thing here and marvel at the gorgeous embroidery, gold threading and crowns, renaissance like floral prints and delicate laces and toiles.