B Movie Babe - An Outfit Post

Well I'm not sure about where you are, but here it was actually quite sunny on Saturday! The wind had a chill but if you were in the sun it was roasting hot, so I needed something light but that covered me up a little to stop that chill getting right to my bones. I decided to bust out my lovely green poppy dress which has been a staple piece of my SS wardrobe ever since I bought it (and the identical red version) from Yours Clothing a few years ago.

I've worn this dress and the red version for so many different occasions - to weddings, to the pub on a nice sunny Saturday, for a picnic at Bradgate Park - it really is very versatile as it can be oh so easily dressed up or down. The nice crochet style shrug is also an old Yours purchase which has served me well over the years. I did also buy a red version at the time but sadly I can't find that one anywhere. I love the purple and green colour combo as it reminds me of old creature feature movies which I love so much.

Sadly neither of these items are available any more, nor is the handbag which was a TK Maxx purchase which I had forgotten about until I was having a rummage through my bag shelf last week. I bought it with the intention of removing the metal heart from the centre of the bow, but unfortunately I can't figure out how to do it! I might see if I can get my dad on the task he'll probably be able to figure it out...

My only complaint with this dress would have to be that the fabric creases SO easily. Within about five minutes of having it on the skirt becomes a bit wrinkly and when you sit down you definitely get up again to find creases under your bum, but I'm not that fussed by this unless I'm at a formal event in which case I give it a blast under the hand dryer while pulled taught which seems to flatten it out again.

I've been playing around with some new hair styles this weekend and have got a new found love for applying this John Frieda Boost Mousse to my roots before blow drying and putting my rollers in as it means I can get height and volume to my roots without having to back comb. I've also been applying macadamia oil to the end of my hair and using a taming shine serum and my poor bleached hair is feeling lots better for it, I'm definitely going to keep up this routine.

I decided to wear one of my MUA Cosmetics Velvet Lip Lacquers in the shade Kooky with this outfit as it matched the shrug perfectly! If I'm wearing all black this colour makes me look a bit too goth-tastic for my liking, but teamed with feminine lines and colours it works wonderfully. These babies are only £3 each and are available in five colours. They've quickly become one of my favourite pieces in my make-up kit and I can't wait to get all five!