Slumber Party Style - Yours Clothing Nightwear Review

So, it's cold. It's cold, and that sucks. I reeeeaaaally hate being chilly and so have a great love for nightwear and often team it with a super sexy hot water bottle and pair of ridiculous slippers. It was while out shopping in Doncaster with lovely Leah of Thirty Something Curvy Me and looking at pretty printed pj's in Yours Clothing that Leah had a great idea (she's super smart btw) that we should do something a little different and review some nightwear together. This is very out of my comfort zone, but as I'm trying to make myself do new things this year I said sure thing, so Leah contacted the lovely people at Yours and we arranged to review some of their fabulous nightwear range.

We had a great evening, I made a big post of pasta and we had so much fun taking the photos as you'll see - it was a bit odd shooting in our pj's, I think we were both a bit uncomfortable at first and then just decided it was a funny situation and just had a laugh striking silly poses! First off we shot in some onesies which I must admit I was very hesitant at wearing...

I chose the Leopard Print Fleece Onesie with Hood (£25) and Leah chose the super fun Red and Black Star Print Hooded Onesie (£25).

They are both made of super soft fleecey fabric which I adored as soon as I got it close to my skin - it's so fuzzy and snuggly and warm! Both onesies featured a zip front fastening and pockets which are great for keeping your phone or iPod safe while you're lounging. Another good feature was the elasticated wrists and cuffs - as everyone has different arm and leg lengths this was a great solution as it stopped them falling down over your feet or hands and restricting your use of them, and also meant that throwing on a pair of suggly slippers was a breeze as they weren't getting enveloped by leg fabric which could easily cause a tumble or two I imagine!

I will say right now that although this is super cosy and warm and great for the cold weather, as soon as I put it on I felt every ounce of ambition and drive leave my body and a feeling of slothfulness silliness took over - do not put on a onesie if you want to get anything done, all you'll want to do is lounge about or, if you're like me, do silly butt wiggling dances around the living room *ahem*.

We both sized up in everything, me going one size bigger and Leah going two sizes up as we wanted to make sure our choices were extra comfortable. I think sizing up by one was perfect for me in the onesie mas it wasn't too massive but also wasn't tight which just would have made me look like an animal print Michelin man. As you can see Leah looked mega adorable in hers but I think she would only size up by one next time as the arms and lega were mahoosize on her!

I think for the great quality you get they are well worth the £25 price tag and are so warm that you could easily save some extra pennies by turning the heating down too!!! They wash very well too and keep their softness - some fleece fabrics go lose all their snuggle in the wash but not this!

Next up we tried on our nightie picks - I went for the Black Short Sleeved Night Shirt with Silver Foil Face Print (£12) and Leah chose the Ecru and Navy Fair Isle Print Hooded Night Shirt with Pocket (£25).

I must admit that I am very envious of Leah's fleecey pullover, it was so lovely I might buy one for myself to snuggle up in! Night shirts aren't really something I tend to go for as in my eyes they are a bit old fashioned (and not in the way I usually like) but this one was actaully quite nice with its V neck and pretty print. I can definitely see me wearing it in the Summer when you want something light to cover up in that doesn't make you too hot. The foil detailing was a lovely touch too. Again I sized up by one here which I think was the right thing to do for a casual loose fit.

Last up we chose some pyjama sets and boy am I in love with the ones I chose! I went for the Pink All Over Lipstick Print Pyjama Top (£10) and matching Pink All Over Lipstick Print Full Length Pyjama Bottoms (£12) while Leah went for the Ecru and Berry 'Pillow Talk' Pyjama Set with Hooded Top (£22).

I had spotted these in the Yours Clothing store in Doncaster and immediately fell in love with them - how could I not, they're pink and printed with a super cute kitschy make-up design! I sized up by one on the bottoms but kept the top at my normal size and that was just right. The bottoms are baggy enough for me to feel comfortable wearing them (I am not a trouser person) and they were only a smidge too long which doesn't matter as my slippers keep them off the ground. The top was a perfect fit and very flattering to my pear shape body skimming over any lumps and with pretty loose sleeves that are really comfortable and light as air. These are definitely the best pyjama bottoms I own in the comfort and cuteness stakes!

Leah's set was very cute too and I liked the hood to the top and the sweet bear print. Again Leah ahd sizes up twice on these and as you can see they were very big on her! You can see her pulling up the trousers leg to show the bear design as the legs were so long! She says she'd definitely only size up by one in the future but still loves these. We both really liked the cotton fabrics used - I think this is the perfect fabric for pj's as it is light and breathable and washes wonderfully.

I don't think I'll ever look anywhere else for night wear in the future as all these pieces were so well made and comfortable and the range of different styles and designs that Yours offer is just fantastic. I really loved doing this post and a big thank you goes out to Yours for sending us the items to review.

Don't forget that Yours Clothing are having a huge sale at the moment and you can get free delivery if you spend over £50! There are some gorgeous bargains in the sale, I bought a few pieces that I just love and will be showing off in later reviews. I would also highly recommend visiting one of their stores if you get the chance!