Peaches and Ponies - An Outfit Post

Well this outfit is certainly out of the ordinary for me! I'm trying really hard to try styles and combinations that I wouldn't usually go for to get myself out of my standard dress + cardigan habit.

I got this tee in the Littlewoods sale and it's by a brand called Definitions who I really like. I have another piece from them which is a lovely flowery pencil dress but it's just a tad too small right now so it's hanging in the wardrobe until I shrink my tum down a little post Christmas indulgences!!! They do some really unusual styles and prints and go up to a size 22 in a lot of their items, and this tee is no exception.

I know it's not to everyone's taste but I really like the faux ponyskin trend, there are some beautiful handbags out there by Biba and Alexander McQueen that I would snap up if I was a much richer woman but this was only £10 in the sale so I grabbed myself one. The front panel as you would imagine is pretty thick and this coupled with the box cut means it isn't a fitted style like I usually go for. To be honest I don't think it's that great a cut on me and makes me look a fair bit bigger than I am as you lose my waist definition, but then that is the point of a box cut tee isn't it!

I think I will try it tucked in to a skirt next time rather than over the top as then I'd get a waistline back and feel more comfortable. Sadly this adventure into a new style wasn't a great success I don't feel but I'm going to keep trying things I wouldn't usually go for. I don't think the shoe and skirt colour clash helps - they looked far more similar in real life, what a faux pas!

Faux Pony Skin Tee - Definitions at Littlewoods
Neon Peach Midi Skirt - ASOS Curve 2012 - This is very similar!
Peach Suede Bow Kitten Heels - Office 2012 - These are a similar style in red.