Pantone Pretty - An Outfit Post

Soooo this skirt. It is my favourite skirt. Possibly ever. I am a maaaaassive black and white stripes fan and am always miffed that I can never find dresses or anything in plus sizes in this print, so imagine my delight when cruising through ASOS Curve's new in section and I see this beauty!!!

I genuinely ordered it immediately and was on tenterhooks until it arrived (the first one didn't get delivered, I was distraught, they sent me a new one, I was happy) and put it on straight away and fell in lurve with it! I've not worn it out yet because I've been locked in the house doing my tax return (boo) but I'm gonna rock it this weekend when I do the supplies and food shop before going to Center Parcs next week. Yes, I am that rock and roll.

To be honest the jumper was another 'OH MY GOD I MUST BUY THAT NOW' purchase. I love bows, love love love em (I have one tattooed on my wrist) and this sweater has them on the sleeves! It's darn adorable! I also really love the colour, which if you are confused by the name of this post, just happens to be the Pantone colour of the year which is Radiant Orchid.

I'm not sure why I added a seahorse necklace, I just wanted to, and I figured that my new sparkly plastic clutch would go well with the ensemble. Basically I just added some accessories that I really like and popped on my favourite trusty black ankle boots. I know I wear them all the time but they're mega comfy and have just the right size heel to add a little lift but not cripple me after five minutes of standing.

So, the skirt is lovely and full and made of a soft stretchy fabric. I was worried that it would be a bit see through as is often the case with a white fabric but I'm happy to report that it isn't. It's a good length, although as you can kinda see I have to pull it up quite high to get it to a true midi length on me. It's only £20 too which I think is a great price!

The sweater is also very lovely although not quite as soft as I would have hoped, but its still nice and comfy without a strappy top underneath. We all know I love 3/4 sleeves so that definitely ticks a box for me and these adorable sleeve bows, jeez how cute are they!

The little cut outs are very sweet too, I think it's a great style for Spring as the weather (hopefully) starts to get warmer. Oh and you can get it in black too which would also look great with this skirt!

Here's a little pic of my amazing clutch bag, it's pink and sparkly and see through and oh so trashy and kitsch, so I love it. I'm a big fan of the see through clutch bag but this is the only one I own so far. They tend to be super pricey I find and proper vintage lucite ones run into hundreds of pounds! I'm holding out hope that I'll find one for a bargain price on a brick a brack market somewhere, but somehow I doubt that'll ever happen...

Turquoise Seahorse Necklace - Primark, again an age ago
Pink Sparkly Plastic Clutch - TK Maxx but this is very similar but not see through...

Happy Friday everyone!!!!