Metropolis - An Outfit Post

So a few weeks ago I was contacted by a very lovely lady from Yours Clothing asking if I would like to review one of the party dresses I had featured in this post. I was ever so pleased to be asked but thought I'd be really cheeky and ask if I could review another piece which I had spotted the day before and fell in love with, and they very kindly said yes! The dress in question was this fabulous Black And White Deco Print Skater Dress With Mesh Panel - no prizes for quessing why I liked it so much seeing as a lot of my party posts were 1920's themed! Now I had hoped to post this review in time for New Years but sadly the Christmas post stopped that happening as it arrived a few days later than I had hoped, but here it is in all its eye catching glory as my first post of 2014!

I think this fabric is just magic and really unusual at the moment. The monochrome trend has died down a fair bit but even when it was in full swing I didn't see a print that I liked this much - it reminds me of the buildings in an amazing film called Metropolis from 1927. As it is a very bold, architectural print I don't think it would have worke as well in a more structured form like a jacket, but as a skater dress with a cute sweetheart neckline and full skirt it works oh so well. The mesh panel detail at the top is nice too, although I hate wearing strapless bras so this can sometimes be a double edged sword for me - pretty yet it shows off my straps!

The main body of the dress is a good heavyweight fabric with a nice amount of stretch making it very comfortable and the full skirt hangs very prettily showing off the amazing print to its fullest. As it's a skater dress it sits above the knee but with a pair of tights and heels on I felt really at ease and still confident and comfy due to the thick fabric which sometimes isn't the case with this kind of style - I hate showing my knees!

The dress itself is very fitted in the body - this is a size 24 so one up from my usual 22 which was fortunately in this instance sold out and as you can see it gapes a little around the arm holes. If you have big boobs I would definitely advise going for a size up if you are bothered by this, however because I always wear a little cardigan or jacket for comfort this didn't really matter because that area was covered. The jackety cardigany shrug I have on above is an old purchase from New Look which I love as it's really lightweight and fits me like a dream! 

Dress - Yours Clothing *gifted for review* ON SALE for £23.00!
Jacket - New Look - 2012
Shoes - Irregular Choice - Many years ago!

I hope you all had a lovely New Years Eve. I stayed at home with Pete and Cleo and we had a really relaxed night watching movies and drinking cocktails - it's the first one we have spent on our own but we both just wanted to be in each other's company this time, 2013 was a crazy year and although some wonderful opportunities came my way it has been a tough one with lots of ups and downs. Here's hoping that 2014 is less fraught and more fun!!!