Lovely Links #10

If you're not already aware of Advanced Style then you're missing out big time. Ari Seth Cohen's website (now a book and a film too) gives me hope! Ari travels the world taking photographs of fabulous, super stylish older ladies. I just wish I could meet these ladies and talk to them about their lives! I know they'd be full of amazing stories, can you imagine going shopping with them? Aaah it would be amazing! The Advanced Style Best of 2013 post is a great place to start if this is all new to you!

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Be still my heart, just look at these incredible necklaces from Galibardy! All those crystals and pearls and beads and shiney and oh SO PERFECT!!!

For some reason at the moment, most likely becuase of the cold windy weather, all I want to eat is warm cooked fruit with some kind of creamy concoction on top. So naturally when I saw this recipe for apricot brulee I went crazy and I'm planning on making it for myself this weekend!

Fashion gone rogue has a great post up showing Valentino's 2014 Spring/Summer collection which is beyond dreamy. Lacey and embroidered and elegant and dramatic and jewel toned and plain FABULOUS! I can't wait to see some similar styles hit the high streets!

I've long been a fan of H&M's homewares. They're so cute and unusual and so reasonably priced! I've only ever seen them in store in London but you can buy it all in their online store. Make sure you check out their inspiration photos of the collections too, they're always great.

I'm wondering if my other half would be a fan of these as I'm desperate to make them. Acorn Squash Pot Pie with Wild Rice & Almond-Thyme Cream Sauce, even the name sounds decadent and comforting! 

Have you guys discovered anything fabulous this week?