Cathedral Chic - An Outfit Post

Boy am I in love with this tee! As soon as I saw the print I knew I had to have it. Although I am not a religious person, I have a great love for Christian art, sculpture and architecture. I collect paintings, models and curios of the Virgin Mary and I love looking round cathedrals at the beautiful stained glass and sculpted stone that make up those fabulous buildings.

This tee is actually part of the ASOS maternity range, but I wanted it so much I decided to just go for it and get a size 18 in the hopes that with the maternity fit it would still work. I have to say, it is one of the most comfortable tops I own. As I have pretty small boobs I often find that tops in the correct size to fit my tummy are always baggy over my bust and shoulders because manufacturers expect bigger ladies to have bigger upstairs assets. It can be pretty frustrating, but as this tee is shaped to fit a standard sized shoulders and chest and just expand at the tummy it it pretty bang on! It's a top tip for any of you other pear shaped ladies out there!

It is very baggy over the stomach, but I don't mind this at all - it makes it perfect for tucking in to a skirt or wearing over jeans. I espexially like the sleeve detail in that the print only extends part way on to them and then goes into the soft jersey that the back is made from - again a perfect fit for my upper arms! I threw it on with my ever faithful Claire Richards velour pencil skirt and just loved the look. I grabbed some bright red flatforms to pick out some of the colour from the design and grabbed some long gold necklaces to add a bit of sparkle.

When I posted that I had bought this top lovely Rosie of A Rose Like This commented to tell me she had bought it too but she was planning to wear it in a completely different way to me - head over to her blog to see how she has styled it!

I hope you're all having a lovely week so far honey bees!