Plus Size Pinup - Jive Seamed Tights from Claireabella's Closet

Now, being a lover of classic glamour I do like a nice seamed tight or stocking and get ever so annoyed that it's so difficult to find them in plus sizes. Well ladies (and gents?) a lovely little shop called Claireabella's Closet has the answer to our chubby sexy leg dreams!!!!

These tights are available in size 20-26 or size 28-32 - now I tried the 28-32 although I usually wear a 24 on my bottom half and I would say that was the right fit so I'd take the next size up if I were you as when you get tight sizes wrong it is oh so uncomfortable.

They are a nice nude shade, not too tanned looking, and are of a nice weight so they don't ladder at the stroke of a moth's wing. The black seem and cuban heel detail is lovely - make sure you either have a good low down mirror or someone to help you get your seams straight. Unfortunately my heel is a little out of line in these - I won't trust Pete to advise on this again!!!

If you do go and check out Claireabella's do have a look at the lovely dresses and accessories she sells too - there are some lovely Hell Bunny pieces on there and she has some Collectif pieces on sale in sizes 20 and 22! Claire herself is a very lovely lady too, she is the lady with the red hair and gorgeous cherry clip on my last hair styling post!

* Tights were gifted for review.