Leopard Lux - An Outfit Post

Well I have to admit, every piece of clothing in this outfit was bought in the sale! Like most ladies I do love a fashion bargain and get even more excited when I reach the checkout and find out that my purchase is even cheaper than the sale label says! This is exactly what happened with the lovely jumper that I'm wearing above - I was strolling through Tesco trying not to look at the clothing when I saw a sale sign and just had to have a quick gander. I saw the lovely deep metallic blue first so grabbed it to take a peek and was drawn in even more by the leopard print - it was labelled up at £7 so I thought I'd treat myself even though I'm not meant to be spending this near to Christmas, but when I got to the checkout it turned out to only be £5 so even more of a bargain!

The jumper itself is a size 20 but I was a little worried that it may not fit quite right as I find that Tesco pieces run small, but as it is a nice stretchy fabric it actually fit perfectly - I can't wear their non-stretch stuff because it just doesn't fit over my boobs!

It's actually a long jumper but I don't tend to wear those very often as I think they require jeans or trousers and as you've probably noticed that's not really my thing, so I just rolled it under and wore it over my standard pencil skirt - this one is a lovely black velour from the Claire Richards collection at Fashion World. The jumper is sadly sold out but this black sequin leopard jumper is still available and is very pretty and the diamante bow brooch was a gift last Christmas but this one is very similar.

I apologise for my pasty looking visage in these pics, I was inspired to wear a nude lipstick that day after reading Nigella's beauty section in Stylist magazine but I'm not too sure that it's a look I should go for again!!!