Pewter & Pleats - An Outfit Post

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I'm more than a bit of a magpie, meaning that I naturally gravitate towards anything glittery, sparkly or shiny. I'm happy to work glitzy spangly items into my daywear outfits, never minding if other might perceive me as overdressed for the occasion. I am one of those people that wouldn't go down tot the corner shop without a face of make-up on, and I'm not ashamed of that. I feel good when I think I look good, and feel awful and self conscious if I think I'm not looking my best.

Although this lovely dress from Lovedrobe for Simply Be features a metallic lace bodice, I really don't think it's too much for day wear. Teamed with some tights and wedges it's smart and stylish but the pleats and slightly ballooned sleeves add that little touch of fun that stop it from being solely evening attire.

I can't say that I own any other skirts that are pleated like this, and it does remind me a little of a school uniform skirt, but I quite like it. It moves and hangs nicely and is a nice length, although I would have preferred it just a smidge if it was under the knee, but then again I always want skirts and dresses to sit just under the knee.

The bodice is good and shiny and catches the light nicely, and I especially like that the metallic lace covers the back as well as the front as a lot of companies cheap out here and only put details like that on the front which is one of my major bugbears.

 I went for a size smaller than I usually wood in this style, only in honesty because they only had a 20 left in the store and I really wanted it and thankfully when I tried it on it was just right - I think the 22 would have been a bit too big in the body.

You can buy the dress here for £35, but I got mine in the sale at my local Simply Be store for £19 so if you're near one it's worth checking to see if they have it!

This dress is exclusive to Simply Be, but Lovedrobe also have their own website selling different styles and have a great sale on at the moment too - check it out here.