October Shopping Adventures - Some of the spoils!

Oooh I've had such a busy but lovely end to the month! Lots of adventures (you'll hear about the biggest one soon!) including a trip to London with my SIL & MIL for some wedding dress trying on (not me!!!) and a fabulous Saturday of shopping, lunch and cocktails with the gorgeous girlies from my last job!

I've had such a wonderful time and spent entirely too much money, although I'm happy to say that most of it went on Christmas prezzies rather than myself so I can at least kid myself into thinking I've been good even if only I'll believe it!

Here are some of my spoils, minus the presents of course, that I've picked up on my travels...

On my Leicester adventure we spent entirely too much time in Primark, and I walked away with this glitzy burgundy vest top and another pair of their fluffy lined slippers that I'm so fond of.

We then headed to the place I was looking forward to visiting the most - the Simply Be store in the Highcross. I don't go into Leicester all that often so it's been a while since I visited but it was great. I'm a little disappointed that half of the store has now been given up to Jacamo but hey, big boys need somewhere to shop too I guess ;)

I think the shopping gods were looking down on my that day as when we walked through the door a nice lady handed me a flyer stating that all sale items were buy one get one half price! I got thoroughly over excited and headed straight for the sale rails picking out lots of different items. A nice young chap saw me struggling with my hangers and asked if I'd like a dressing room setting up - this is a lovely thing that they do by taking all the items you pick and getting a room ready for you, writing your name on a pretty chalkboard on its door. Simply Be changing rooms are my favourite!

I ended up buying two pieces from the Claire Richards range that I had been eyeing up online - the spot print dress and the velour pencil skirt. I adore the dress and am going to do an outfit post in it soon, and the skirt is a great staple to have for nights out or dressy day time do's.

I also grabbed this pretty metallic pewter Lace Top Shirt Dress by Lovedrobe and some cute red quilted platform pumps. I had spotted both of these online and thought they were pretty nice, but seeing them in person I loved them both! All four items ended up costing just over £60 - what a bargain!!!

While I was in the Highcross I also treated Pete and I to some choccies from our favourite Hotel Chocolat. Those pistachio praline crunches are genuinely the best chocolates I've ever had combining five things I love - pistachios, praline, chocolate, cherries and rose. They were all amazing, but those were definitely my favourite.

The next morning I nipped over to the next village from my town, Quorn, to a little vintage and antique fair that was being held at the Village Hall. In all honesty the last two events that the same people have run I haven't ended up buying anything, but this time I came away with a few things, again including some Christmas presents. I did however buy myself this lovely tea trio for £4 which needs a little clean up as it has some sellotape residue from where the pieces were held together, but is otherwise pretty good without too much gilt wearing. I love green and gold crockery and china as it always reminds me of some gorgeous Art Deco pieces that my grandparents have.

I also treated myself to this super adorable little mouse brooch! He is only about 2cm long with a wiggly chain tail and has the cutest little green gem eyes! I paid £5 for him which is a bit more than I usually like to spend on brooches, but I just couldn't resist him!

So those are the items I naughtily gifted myself... have you bought any pretties recently?