Irregular Choice Midlands - fun at the Leicester store and a fab pair of new shoesies!

So, a few weeks ago I was putting my rollers in first thing on a Saturday morning while half watching The Princess and The Frog when my phone buzzed and to my utter delight I found out I had won a pair of shoes from the amazing Irregular Choice store in Leicester! I had thought I hadn't won as the original winner had been announced the day before, but it turns out whoever that was hadn't read the terms right and didn't actually live anywhere near Leicester and so couldn't come to the store to pick a pair so they had to redraw and I was picked! Woohoo! I got super excited and rang the store straight away with the secret password 'thumbelina' and let them know I'd be in the following week to choose my new shoesies!

So my little sis Laura and I headed out to Leicester on the train the following week to choose my pair of shoes and do a little shopping. The store itself is fairly small but light and airy and choc full of GORGEOUS shoes, hats, sunglasses and jewellery pieces for you to choose from. Here are a few snaps I took while I was trying on...

I really wish this next pair had been in my size, although I could definitely not have walked in them, but seriously how fun are those Santa heels?!

I really really love the sunglasses that you can get from IC, they're so kitschy and fun - just look at those pearly bunnies and gemstone kitties!

The jewellery range is amazing too and lil sis and I headed right for the rings trying on as many as we could!

Now this is what you call a statement necklace...

Naturally I made Laura try on the sequin furry moose hat. That face definitely says 'I love you big sister'.

So after much giggling and trying on I decided on this lovely pair called Dazzel Razzel!

The heel is perfect (and glittery) so I won't be wanting to take them off after five minutes and the black and white colour scheme will go with lots of different outfits. Plus there's a bow, and we all know I love a good bow. The sparkly silver detailing around the edges combined with the textured fabric and gorgeous lining and sole are all examples of why Irregular Choice shoes are so amazing and worth every penny - each pair is finished by hand. The 'v' to the fabric over the bridge of the foot was also a really pretty detail on these, as well as making them a little more comfortable as I have slightly wide feet.

Thank you so much to the Irregular Choice Midlands ladies for drawing me out of the hat and for being so fun and welcoming when we came to visit! I had a blast and will definitely be back next time I fancy treating my feet to something fab and funky, and I highly suggest you do the same too!