Evil is no match for her killer curves!

Hello lovelies! I wanted to give you all a little apology that my posts have been a little sparse recently I'm ever so sorry. It's been a whirlwind of a month full of adventures taking me from Scotland to London, vintage fairs, hair bookings, cocktail fuelled shopping trips, birthday fun, photo shoots and a few concerts thrown in for good measure!

On one of these adventures I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the truly stunning Betty Pamper who has a heart as big as her hair (and that's saying something)! I've loved Betty's blog for a good while now, it's only natural as she is also a fan of vintage glam and glitz and infuses all her outfits with a bit of fabulous fun!

Isn't Betty gorgeous?!?!?

Betty is an absolute doll and hands down one of the sweetest and friendliest ladies I have ever met. If you haven't checked out her blog Pamper and Curves you absolutely positively must head over there now!!!! She is so lovely in fact, that when I met her she gave me one of her awesome Killer Curves shirts that I've been after for a while now! There are two styles available and both have the most fabulous B-movie style curvy cartoon lady standing proud and kicking butt on the front!

1   -   2

The shirts themselves are made of a really nice thick cotton with excellent quality print that you know isn't going to fade after just a few washes. I've worn mine three times now and washed it after each wear, and the print is just as bright and bold as the day I got it. At only £13 each they are a mega steal for such a fabulous shirt! They are also available in a number of cuts so if you're of the bigger boobed persuasion and think that high necks aren't your friend, then why not go for a sexy slash neck instead?!

I personally love graphic print tees for wearing on chilled out weekends in town or if I'm ahving a nice day at home pottering about doing a little cleaning and cooking. I wore the outfit below yesterday when I spent the day running errands around town doing the food shopping and seeing friends. As you can see I did these photos in the morning when I was doing a little cleaning with my hair pinned up and a bandana on! It may seem crazy but I always like to look nice when I'm cleaning, I dunno I think it just makes it more fun when you're bopping around to some of your favourite tunes with a duster in hand!

Curverella and the Zombies Shirt - Betty Bee Vintage
Velour Pencil Skirt - Simply Be
Head Scarf - Primark
Red Quilted Shoes - Simply Be

Thank you so much Betty, I can't wait to run into you again on a fabulous plus size adventure!!!