Dance Floor Deco-dence - Dramatic Makeup for Some Gatsby Style Glam

Hey lovelies! So this is the first accompanying post to my Art Deco / 1920's Christmas party style post a few days ago, this time covering make-up.

Now this was really the age when makeup started becoming really acceptable for women to wear, and so it was embraced whole heartedly and the look was very bold and dramatic - think rich dark tones and really defined features.

My absolute favourite tutorial that I have ever found for a 1920's look that you can feel comfortable wearing today is a fairly recent one by the always gorgeous, fun fabulous Cora at Vintage or Tacky - I love her more than a little bit, can you tell? She covers the whole look really well even going into the detail of using a powder foundation like they did back then, how to create the classic 1920's lip shape and using the correct definition shape for the eyeshadow that gives a kind of sexy but sad look. Here's the video, after watching I'm sure you'll fall in love with Cora too and want to watch lots more of her awesome tutorials!

So I know Cora gives you a name and brand for all the items she uses here, but I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite lipsticks, lashes and shadows for getting this look.

Starting with shadows, I'm a long time fan of MAC's Carbon black shadow and think it would be perfect with a shimmer over the top of either Blue Brown Pigment or thier Smutty Green Mineralize Eyeshadow. Now the photo above doesn't really give an indication of what Smutty Green actually looks like when applied, so if I was you I'd click this link to Cora's website to see some swatches to get a true idea of this pretty metallic green. In fact, either of the other two Mineralize Eyeshadows that Cora swatches in that post would be great for this look!

Now I have only recently started using Illamasqua lashes after the lovely makeup artist at my Simply Be shoot used them on me, but I can whole heartedly recommend them for thier unique styles and outstanding quality. Above you have style number 02 first and then number 021 which I am wearing in these photos.

And lastly here are three lipsticks that I think would work beautifully for this look. First up is Hang-up by MAC, then we have Shard by Illamasqua and lastly Cyber again by MAC. If you're wanting something a little more budget friendly I recently bought the shade 'Seduction' from Collection's new Gothic Glam range and for the £2.99 price tag it's pretty darn good.

Apologies that I have only covered two brands here, but these are the two brands I buy from most often and have therefore used myself and I of course wanted to recommend products to you guys that I like myself! The only thing I can't say that I've tried is the style 02 lashes, but I can recommend others by the same brand so think I'm pretty safe to say that these should be great too.