Vintage Style Hair Tutorial #2 - Overnight Foam Roller Set for Jayne Mansfield Style Curls

Here we are ladies, the secret to my (and many others...) signature hair do! Most people call these Marilyn curls but her hair was a fair bit shorter than mine so I think it's more of a Jayne Mansfield style. Once you've got the hang of it it's a really easy do and believe it or not only takes about ten minutes to fix in the morning after it's set overnight. Although the curls are pretty indestructible after setting they can blow out of play fairly easily so if you're heading somewhere that you know will be really windy I'd either avoid this do altogether or take a super glam head scarf to keep it all in place.

So first things first you need to know what tools you'll need. The images below are the exact things that I use and you can click the links below to be taken to where you can buy them. Unfortunately they don't all come from the same place, but you should be able to get all the things in your home town as long as you have a Boots and a Superdrug or other pharmacy that sells beauty products. Maybe I should start selling kits? Nothing is very expensive, three packs of rollers will set you back about £12 but I'm still using the same ones I bought two years ago so they last a long time!

Slumber net or other hair net

Step 1 - Wash your hair and then dry it until it is only slightly damp either blow drying or letting it dry naturally. Make sure you dry your parting into place - this works best with a side parting. You can also do this on dry day old hair if you would prefer but you will need to use a little more setting lotion.

Step 2 - Take your empty spray bottle and half fill it with setting lotion, then top up the rest with normal cold water. I always buy the extra firm variety but if your hair curls easily or already has a bit of a wave you may want to try the standard hold instead.

Step 3 - Seperate off a U-shaped section at the centre front of your hair with the tail comb like so...

...then twist it up and clip it out of the way - we'll do this bit last of all.

Step 4 - Now to the main event! Take a section of hair that is no wider than your hair roller and no more than 1-1.5" thick. Spray it liberally with the setting lotion and water solution, concentrating on the ends and trying not to go right up to the roots so you get minimal kinks. Comb the wet (but not soaking) section through so there are no tangles.

Step 5 - Open up a foam roller and wrap the wet section of hair around it, rolling down / under towards your head. Don't bunch up or twist the hair, make sure it lies flat against the foam. If you can try to hold the section of hair quite high while you roll so you can build in some body. Once you have rolled all the way towards your head click the plastic clip in place to secure the roller.

Step 6 - Repeat this step with all the rest of your hair but the front piece that you clipped aside. Remember to roll each section under / downwards towards your head and make sure you keep two rollers to one side.

Step 7 - When all your hair is in rollers un-clip the front and divide it into two sections one beside the other. Repeat the same process as with the rest of your hair making sure you elevate each section and roll downwards towards your face. 

Step 8 - Take your slumber net / hair net and gently stretch it out and over your head ensuring you trap all the rollers within it. 
You might think it won't fit but I promise it will - it works for me and I think I have a pretty giant noggin. If any of your rollers turn at a funny angle try to re-adjust them through the net so they lie in the right position.

Step 9 - Get your butt to bed for some beauty sleep! 
I know you're thinking it will be impossible to sleep like this, but believe me I have no problems. The foam is really soft so they squish right down and you can't feel the plastic clips. I've also tried the velcro ones branded as Sleep Rollers and I couldn't sleep at all in those. I hated them so much I sold them on eBay the very next day!

Step 10 - Wake up, get dressed and put on your make-up. Remove your hair net, undo the roller clips and unravel them from your hair being careful not to just yank them out ruining the curls. Leave the two front rollers that you put in last there for the moment.
I store my rollers in the hair net to keep them together but do with them what you will!

Step 11 - It will look a little corkscrewy and scarey at this point but don't worry. Take your soft bristle brush and gently brush over the top to smooth it together and get rid of any seperation.

Step 12 - Now brush the underneath of your hair moving out and under, shaping the hair in towards your neck so it follows the natural curl that it wants to follow - you will see it spring into the shape it wants to go. Repeat this process all over shaping the hair in the direction you like best. You can use your fingers to gently position the curls where you want them and then use a little hairspray to keep them in place. 

Step 13 - If you have some fluffy ends on some of the curls use a little hair wax / pomade to smooth them out. After a few more practices you shouldn't get this problem as it only happens when you don't put the rollers in smoothly.

Step 14 - Remove the two front rollers and brush the hair up and under towards your face, again brushing the underneath rather than the top of the hair. This should shape the hair into a nice high curl at your forehead that turns into a nice swirl at the ends which you can then gently blend in with the rest of your hair on whichever side you decide to direct it.

Step 15 - When you have the style you want give your hair a little shimmy of hairspray all over to keep it in place and you're done!

If you wish to you can push one side of your hair back behind your ear and secure it in place with two crossed over bobby pins before adding a pretty accessory like a flower or bow, or add a cute hat or fascinator!

I hope you found this useful, if you have any questions do send me an email or leave a comment below and I will try to answer any queries you have! Happy styling ladies!