Cobalt and Curls - An Outfit Post

Oh I'm so so happy that I finally have this gorgeous dress! I've wanted it ever since it hit the Evans website but just haven't had the spare cash to buy it, so I was really happy to find it in the sale at the Fosse Park store when I went to exchange some boots that didn't fit me quite right. I actually swapped the one pair of boots for both this dress and the studded ankle boots I'm wearing here too so it must have been meant to be!

I just love the shirt style of this dress, it's very 1950's housewifey but not as structured so it's more comfortable for day to day. The under-dress is made of a nice thick sturdy fabric which is perfect for going under a sheer overlay. The traps to the under-dress are adjustable like bra straps which is an added bonus so you won't have troubles adjusting it to the right height depending on your boob size and there are little ribbons inside the dress to hold them to prevent it twisting round or going out of line with the over-dress.

Naturally the colour and the dobby spots were what first caught my eye, as you all know I do love a good shade of blue with my platinum blonde hair and well, spots are just darn adorable. The collar was a plus too, I really like shirts but just don't feel comfortable enough in them in case some button gaping occurs, but I don't usually find this a problem with dresses for some reason and this is no exception. The collar looks lovely done up to the top, but I really fancied wearing my glittery kitty brooch that I bought at Plus North nack in September so wore it slightly undone with the brooch on one side.

The style and length of this dress is very versatile and lends itself to bare legs, tights or leggings and any kind of footwear. I've worn it with both flats and ankle boots so far which both look great, but heels would look amazing too and even a pair of Converse /Vans like pumps would look cute and casual. These ankle boots have a bit of a subtle cowboy style with the cut and stitch detail over the bridge of the foot, but the pyramid studs and rounded toe add a more modern touch so they are easier to wear. They're only £25 in the sale now too!

As you can tell I'm really pleased that I finally got this dress and it just adds to my high opinion of the Scarlett & Jo range as it's great quality and a really unusual cute style. Well done again to the S&J team!

Sadly sold out but this, this and this are some other lovely blue dresses from S&J!
Boots - Evans