A Stylish Surprise - Mystery Gifts, Modcloth Style

I imagine most of you are already familiar with Modcloth as they appear to be taking over the world with their super cute wares, but just in case you don't I'll give you a little introduction. Modcloth is an online retailer selling clothing, footwear, accessories and homewares either designed in house or by independent designers. I like pretty much everything they sell as most items have a quirky vintage vibe to them and you can find lots of unusual pieces that you would be hard pushed to find elsewhere.

One of my favourite things that they do from time to time is something called a Stylish Surprise. The concept is basically this...

There are two different packages you can choose from, clothing or footwear. You just pick your size and order and you'll be sent a mystery item that could be a dress, cardigan, top, skirt, you name it. As you can see you will always get something with a retail value of at least double what you are paying. Another awesome thing is that shipping is only $6.55 which currently works out at about £4.11 which seeing as it's coming from the US is pretty darn amazing! The last time I ordered I received a lovely navy dress which was for sale on the site as full price at $65 so it was a real bargain!

To make sure you don't miss out on the next Stylish Surprise sale head to the Modcloth website and sign up to the mailing list. Make sure you get in there as soon as you can after receiving the notification email of the sale because it sells out super fast!!!

So without further or do, here is a little snapshot of me opening my latest Stylish Surprise package!

Isn't it a cute dress?! I just love the bold pink and the little belt it came with is really cute too. It even features my favourite sweetheart neckline but in strapless form!

It's made of a nice thick black stretch fabric with the pink lace as an overlay. The lace is also stretchy so it has a nice comfy fit and isn't too rigid as some entirely lace items can be. It's a little too short for me to actually wear as a dress, but I think it will look adorable as a tunic top over some black skinny jeans!

Have you ever ordered a Stylish Surprise? If so what did you get?

PS - Sorry for the bad photos guys, I'm having to use my phone's camera at the moment as my DSRL is stranded in Darlington for a few days after Pete's car broke down when we were on our way back from our weekend away in Edinburgh... Don't ask!!!