What's In My Handbag?

I have a serious love for 'what's in my bag' posts, I think because I'm often told what I keep in mine is a bit odd! I'm always baffled by ladies that have tiny handbags because there is no way in hell that I could do it. I think it stems from my inate need to always be prepared for what's coming. It can be a bit of a curse at times - I get a little panicky if I don't have a set plan of what I'm doing at weekends or when I go away. It's very silly because when I'm forced not to I usually have fun and just go with the flow, but if there is an opportunity for me to make a list or a plan of action I will!

So here's a 'little' snapshot at what is in my handbag today. Starting with the handbag itself, it's the Mardun bag from Ted Baker in blakc patent. I absolutely love it, especially it's adorable lining printed with french bulldogs in bowties, but for how much it cost me I am pretty disappointed in the quality. The rubber that covered the stitching on the handles peeled off almost instantly and after only a few uses the fabric around the magnetic closure on the front flap tore and made is un-usable. I'm still using it a fair bit because the style is perfect for work, but I'm on the lookout for a new one.

I always have both a purse and a wallet in my bag because I love big wallets with lots of space for cards and notes, but they never seem to hold coins well. That's the case with this nice Loungefly wallet - lots of space for flat things but the coin pouch at the back is almost impossible to get things in and out of. Therefore I have the cute little Paperchase purse for my coins which is sadly cracking a bit and has loosened on the clasp, but it is about three years old now so that's to be expected!

Here we have my trusty mid-year diary where I keep track of upcoming events and beauty parlour bookings and plan my blog posts. I also tend to put business cards that I want to keep in here along with other appointment cards and plans with friends.

My Wonder Woman notebook is also essential for jotting down blog post and recipe ideas, addresses and contact details and doodling when I'm bored on a journey or when inspiration strikes!

I always have a good selection of lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms in my bag along with a little pocket mirror as I can't stand having dry lips!
I have a bit of an obsession with anything violet scented of flavoured so I grabbed this beautiful little tin as soon as I saw it - it's by a Spanish company called Perufmeria Gal and is apparently Liv Tyler's favourite lip balm.
The Soap & Glory 'A Great Kisser' lip gloss is absolutely fab and lasts for ages. I chose the cherry chocolate flavour which gives your lips a lovely glossy pink finish but I will also soon be buying the peach, vanilla bean and coconut flavours to try out too!
The lipstick you can see is 'Galactic Mauve' by Maybelline, part of their Color Sensational line. It's a good cheap alternative to my favourite MAC Plum Dandy, although it can be a little grainy feeling and doesn't have the same golden sheen to it. It's still a great purple shade for everyday wear - some purple based shades can be a bit too dramatic and are really suited to night wear but this is light enough for the day.

Here you can also see my little Pose Plus pocket mirror which I was give at Plus North and my little vintage pill box - I can't be without ibuprofen, paracetamol or stomach settlers, just in case!

My fruit tea fanatacism has now got to the point where I keep a few different flavours in my bag at all times. These are two of my favourites at the moment from Twinings, the blackcurrant and rhubarb smells just like sweets and the raspberry and dragon fruit is scented like a tropical perfume!

Carrying on my violet obsession I have a little carton of Leone violet pastilles to munch on if I need a little sugar or a breath freshener. Isn't the packet just darling?

Some other handbag essentials in my book are tissues and body spray. My mum always tends to bring me back little packets of novelty printed tissues on holidays and these cupcake ones are super cute.

This body spray is a new one I've tried from Along Came Betty a new line available at Tesco. It's very flowery and sweet which I love and seems to last fairly well especially if you spray a little on your clothes too.

I also keep my trusy glasses in my handbag in case I ever need them. I only need to use them for viewing screens really and then only if I feel I need them so they mostly only get used when we go to the cinema, but it's good to have them there just in case.

Last but not least I always keep a few flyers for my beauty parlour and business cards for the blog in my bag as you never know who you'll meet on your travels! I get asked quite often how I do my hair when I go out so it's good to be able to hand people a little flyer in case they ever want some vintage styling for themself. The business cards are a new addition which I only received last week and I'm really pleased with them, even if I do feel a little awkward giving them to people - it's a bit of an odd situation handing over something with lots of photos of yourself on!

As I say I love a good 'what's in my bag' post so do link me to yours if you've done one!