Shop Spotlight - Stay Home Club

Hi lovely ones! This week's Shop Spotlight is on Stay Home Club, a fabulous little company based in Canada run by the wonderful illustrator Olivia Mew. They sell a great collection of apparel, accessories, homewares and greeting cards that are beautifully designed by Olivia and other contributing artists.

In all honesty I have pretty much always been one who prefers having a cosy night in with my guy and a good movie or having friends over for dinner over going on a big night out partying. It's great fun every now and again but conversation and cosyness is more my thing. Now that you know that about me you'll see exactly why I love Stay Home Club so much!

So here are my two favourite shirts from the site, the first featuring the classic SHC logo or a lady surrounded by cats! Perfect! The milk & honey shirt really hits a chord with me too as that's the drink my mum used to give me when I was little and couldn't sleep - I didn't actually know anyone else did that but it seems it's a pretty popular thing!

I really can't wait for this amazing design to come out. I'm pretty sure Daria would have sported this bad boy. As it's a crop style I'm not sure if I'd ever leave the house in it, but it would make a pretty sweet night shirt.

Now if you're a fan of the denim vest or jacket I'm sure you'll be a fan of these fab canvas patches. There is a really big range available on the SHC website but these two are my favourite. The Cute Butt Club design just makes me giggle and I love the Moi Je Joue patch with its cartoony Bardot girl!

I love pocket squares. My Pete always wears one with his suit and it instantly adds interest and an extra classy touch. I've always been kind of jealous that it wasn't something I could bring into rotation in my own wardrobe because it's a bit too formal for my usual style, but these adorable printed pocket squares would be easy to add to a jacket pocket for an extra blast of cute! Shown above are the kawaii print and gems print but there are more on the website.

Ah how I wish I could get with mis-matching bedding, but no matter how cute the pillowcases are that I find I just can't use non-matching duvet and pillowcases. Damn my crazy need for symmetry, for if it wasn't there I could be sleeping on this gooorgeous 'all day I dream about cats' pillowcase!

But hey, even if I can't handle mis-matching bed-ness at least I can deck my phone out in an awesome case! The classic logo is perfect for any of you that don't cover everything with foundation and blusher like I do, and if you do then you can go for the awesome 'Recluse' case on the right!

So, for ages now I've been trying to find something to decorate Pete's side of the bedroom with. On my side I have mounted Moomin plates and some pretties on my bedside table like my bunny lamp and a nice carafe, but Pete's side is plain walls and an ugly boy lamp. Boo. But not for much longer! I knew as soon as I showed these pennants to Pete that he'd love them straight away, especially the snacks one, and so we'll be popping these up above his table very soon! You can find all the other pennant designs here.

Last but not least I wanted to show you my favourite design from SHC's greetings card collection, and a sneak peek at a few of their upcoming wrapping paper designs that they shared on Instagram today! You can by this fabulously sarcastic greeting card online now along with lots of other designs and some prints too, but the gift wrap isn't available just yet!

You can find Olivia and Stay Home Club at the following links -