Ruby Red Love - The Scarlett & Jo Powerfit™ Dress - An Outfit Post & Review

As I think I have mentioned before I get overly excited when I hear about new collections from my favourite designers and brands especially when they are launching an innovative new product, so you can imagine how excited I was to receive an email from a lovely lady called Natalie on behalf of the fabulous Scarlett & Jo asking if I'd love to review a dress from thier new line of Powerfit™ dresses. Naturally I said yes straight away and decided to go for the red colour option.

I received it through the post yesterday all wrapped up in tissue and ribbon like a pretty present and was just delighted when I opened it up and saw the dress itself. I was actually at my parent's house at the time and everyone said how lovely it was including Pete and my Dad - a dress that has man approval? It must be good! I was so excited I wanted to try it straight away and decided to get up early before work to snap the photos for this post so I could then wear it to the office today.

The dress itself is made from a gorgeous quality stretch jersey and is a beautiful rich red wine colour. I was actaully expecting a bright red and was a little nervous it would be too much but this less harsh tone is delightful and makes it far more versatile - I probably wouldn't turn up to work in a bright red dress but was happy to go in in this.

The mesh detail is one of my favourite things about the dress, highlighting the sweetheart neckline perfectly and cutting into a lovely 'v' at the back as you can see in the image below which is very sexy! This was Pete's favourite detail as he says I never show my back tattoo enough! One thing that lets down so many items of clothing that have a mesh element is the mesh itself; it's a make or break thing and can make a pretty item look cheap if it isn't good quality. That isn't the case here! The mesh is stretchy and soft to the touch like the main body of the dress making it extremely comfortable and is a nice thickness with a darling dot pattern woven in. It's also good and thick and so doesn't feel fragile as if you could poke a hole in it with your fingertip if you weren't careful!

(Please ignore my horrendous roots, I'm waiting as long as I can to re-bleach my hair so it's nice and fresh for Plus North on Saturday!!!)

Another great feature of the dress is its Powerfit™ lining. Again made from a good quality mesh it smoothes your outline helping to hide any imperfections and give you that bombshell hourglass figure. I always appreciate when a garment is lined, but when it's lined with something useful that's even better!

This style is priced at £45 which I think is so reasonable for a dress of this quality, especially with a built in body shaper which on their own usually cost at least £25. 

You will pleased to know that there are many other colours and designs available in the Powerfit™ dress, some featuring sassy patterns like animal print or lace and others that are black with a highlight colour to the front panel, my favourites being the jewel teal and grape purple. They are priced at either £45 for dresses with the Powerfit™ lining or £40 for those without it. The design that I have with the mesh detail is not yet available but will be very soon.

Scarlett & Jo dresses and other garments are available to purchase online from Evans and also in several of their stores - I would suggest calling your local store to check that they stock the brand if you want to go specifically for it.

Scarlett & Jo also do some very pretty shift dresses and prom dresses and also some lovely longline tops so I'd highly suggest checking out the collection if you're looking for some classy new pieces for work or going out partying. I tried on several of their items at my local Fosse Park store and they were all great quality and well fitted like this dress.

Have you ever purchased a Scarlett & Jo piece that you just love?