Renaissance Roses - An Outfit Post

Sorry for the grainy photos guys, now that it's getting darker in the mornings and evening with the season change I'm finding it a bit hard to take good photos as I'm at work when the light is best! Hopefully you'll still get the idea from these about how gorgeous this dress is. I've had it for a while hanging in its bag in my wardrobe as it was one of those naughty 'they've only got a size too small hopefully it will fit one day' purchases! Thankfully I had a panicked moment last Friday morning when I was getting dresses for a wear what you want day at work and couldn't think of anything I hadn't worn before so decided to try it on just in case. Shockingly it fit perfectly so I wore it in and got so many compliments on it it was unbelievable!

The dress itself is made from a white nylony/satiny underlay with a semi-sheer printed overlay and has an elasticated panel to the back making it very comfortable to wear despite the lack of stretch to the fabric. The exposed zip and collar were details I was a little unsure of as they are really modern looking elements compared with the more old fashioned or vintage look that I usually go for. Despite this it didn't take long for me to feel comfortable in the look teaming it with some deep red lipstick and a pearly necklace with golden bird claw charm to add to its edgy style. Some black suede wedges completed the look along with my usual black tights and when it got chillier I threw on a black cropped cardigan and biker jacket for outside.

I think it's good to try a new style every now and again and go a little out of your comfort zone and this was one of those occasions when doing so really payed off. I'll definitely try and think a bit more out of the box when dress shopping in the future!

Dress - South at Very
Necklace - Romwe
Shoes - New Look - Sold out but these and these are very similar