Plus Size Picks - Repro Vintage Glamour by Collectif

So as I'm sure a lot of you will know, finding stylish vintage clothing in plus sizes can be really really difficult. I usually start out optimistically but after finding only a handful of ill fitting shirt style dresses in shonky faded patel pattern I get seriously miffed and end up buying too many accessories and homewares to try and eleviate my frustration. This is where reproduction brands really hit the mark as you can get lovely flattering styles in your size and most of the time much better quality than you would have found second hand anyway!

A real pro at this kind of thing is London based company Collectif who started out in 2009 with a stall on Camden Market and grew to have three lovely shops in Camden, Spitalfields Market and Covent Garden. They go up to a size 22 in most of their styles and also sell lots of nice accessories like handbags, sunglasses, hair flower and jewellery so you could get pretty much a whole outfit from them if you so desired!

So here is a selection of my favourites from their in stock plus-sized items at the moment, starting with the image above and going from left to right...