Nails à Porter and the L'Oréal Paris Nail Art Hangout

Last week L'Oreal Paris kindly invited me to take part in a nail art hangout they were hosting to launch their new false nail range 'Nails à Porter'. I logged on along with six other fan blogging ladies and the fun began! The hangout was hosted by two lovely L'Oreal ladies Grace and Alana who shared lots of great nail art hints and tips as well as info on the Nails à Porter product which they very kindly sent me to test out!

Firstly because I am a graphic design fan I have to mention the packaging. The box itself was a smaller than I had expected, but very eye catching. The gold foil accents really draw your eye to the packet and the thick shiny card stock gives a really luxurious feel to it so you can tell from the that it is a good quality product before you even open the box. I really appreciate when a company takes time to design its packaging well, it makes sense to after all as that is what you'll see sitting on the shop shelf!

Upon opening the packet you will find two 'sets' of twelve nails in varying sizes along with a set of sticky pads, an instruction leaflet and an itty bitty little nail file which I found ridiculously adorable. One of my favourite things about these nails is the great range of sizes to choose from and how they are made from a really flexible plastic which should aid comfort in a big way. When I've tried false nails before I've always been worred that they'll ping off unexpectedly if I catch them as they are so solid, so this shouldn't be the case with these babies. They are also not stupidly long so normal tasks like putting your make-up on or using your keyboard or phone shouldn't be affected too much.

In all honesty I haven't yet tried the nails our as I'm saving them for my Manchester adventure to Plus North, but I'm really looking forward to giving them a proper trial and see how long they last - the box says up to five days which would be fabulous!

I was sent the Femma Fatale set in a drop dead gorgeous deep blood red, but there will be four other designs available when they launch in September. They will cost £7.99 a set which I think is a really good price compared to a lot of other fake nails I've seen that are in nowhere near as nice designs.

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We were also treated to a sneak preview of L'Oreal Paris's new Autumn/Winter 13 collection of nail colours - I want all four! I love a good jewel toned polish and these look wonderfully glitzy! Perfect for Bonfire Night and Christmas parties! They are £4.99 each and are available to order from Superdrug at the links above.

So I will leave you with a video of the hangout, you can see me get nervous and silly and say that I'm 26 when I'm actually 25! Oh dear!

I hope you get some good tips from the video. Do let me know if you try out the nails or polishes yourself and what you think of them!