Friday Fun - Yorkshire Sculpture Park & Wentworth Castle

It's been such a long time since I shared some photos from a trip out! In all honesty life has been a bit hectic over the last few months - I started up my vintage style beauty parlour business and attended lots of fairs with it, have been working very hard on getting this blog up to the standard I would like and have been looking for a new job. I was actually offered a new position last week and accepted it which was much more of an emotional upheaval than I had expected. I've been in my current role for five years now so know my colleagues and my job role so well it's really scary to think I am leaving it all behind for something new and unknown. But as my friend Sarah says 'fortune favours the brave' and I know I've made the right decision even if it is a bit frightening... but anyway those are my excuses for not getting out and adventuring as much as I would have liked!

Anyhoo, I did manage to get out on a trip a few Friday's ago when my (future) MIL Lizzie and I drove up to Barnsley to see SIL Steph's wedding venue for April next year! Oh lordy am I excited, we got my bridesmaid dress from Igigi that week too and it's so so pretty! Sorry I'm getting side tracked again - Steph had a half day off from work so Lizzie and I headed up a little early to stop off at the Yorkshire Scultpure Park on the way for a quick look round and a spot of lunch.

Unfortunately we experienced a bit more traffic than we had anticipated so didn't have too long to look round the YSP, but what we did see was fabulous and we're definitely going to head up again before the year is out for a better look around the grounds. It really is a stunning place and the Yorkshire views are just dreamy.

The main exhibition when we visited was of the artist Yinka Shonibare. I hadn't seen his work before but it blew me away. His exploration of race and class through the juxtapositions of colours and patterns with typical fashions of past periods is wonderfully imaginitive without overcomplicating his message. There were also some installations showing how cultural and personal identities are formed by our surroundings and even our toys when we are children. If you see an exhibition of his work anywhere near you do go along, even if just to see the beautiful craftsmanship of the clothing and ceramic pieces he creates.

One thing that made out YSP visit even better was the fantastic lunch we had in the museum restaurant. There were so many delicious tasting options that we had trouble choosing what to go for, but as soon as I saw the butternut tart with goats cheese I knew that's what I wanted! I chose the couscous salad to go with it and wasn't expecting any great shakes but just look at what I got! It was a delicious mix of giant couscous grains with rocket leaves and looooads of marinated stuffed olives, sun dried tomatoes and cornichons in a lovely dressing. 

Lizzie went for a baguette filled with roasted pork belly and black pudding slices with a nice chutney, with a side of braised cabbage. I also had a portion of their chips which were amazing and served in a darling little metal bucket! They really were some of the best chips I have ever had and the homemade ketchup was incredible.

We were also very impressed with the drinks selection on offer - lots of different Fentimans sodas along with the usuals, locally bottled mineral waters, great hot drinks selection and even some unusual alcoholic choices like local interesting sounding ales and even pre-mixed gin and tonics made from Bloom gin and Fever Tree tonic water aka 'the good stuff'! We didn't have dessert there as we were planning on having tea and cake with Stephy at the Wentworth cafe, but they all looked marvellous too and I'm sure would have been scrummy based on our main meal experience!

So then off we drove with our very full stomachs to Wentworth Castle to meet Steph. The sun properly came out as we drove there through the hills and by the time we got there it was lovely and bright with just a slight breeze.

The castle(s) and grounds were absolutely stunning and I just can't wait for the wedding. There are so many places for amazing photos it'll be great. Here are a few more photos I took at Wentworth showing off the beautiful lanscapes and gardens.

Tree lined paths are my favourite!

I could sit on that bench and read all day long with a nice big flask of coffee and a little picnic!

This is only a little sample of the photos I took as there were far too many to post - you'll have to take a trip yourself to see them all in person it makes a great day out.

Have you been on any adventures to new places recently? I'd love to know as I'm always on the lookout for new day trip ideas!