Lovely Links #8

Isn't this fan exquisite?! It is hand painted silk and bobbin lace and dates from 1890! You can see it in Fashion Room 40 at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London - I can't believe I've never seen it on one of my visits, I'll be making sure I find it next time!

Speaking of fashion, I desperately want these amaaaazing gold print nautical narwhal tights from Teja Jamilla! They come in a massive range of colours and lots of other lovely designs are available too like locks and keys, crown and tiaras and lots more.

Isn't Esme's hair dreamy? Such a gorgeous pale pinky lilac, I do wish my day job allowed me to have coloured hair... Here Esme give some tips on how to get these gorgeous pastel locks.

Boy do these mojito jelly shots look good! Such a fab idea for a summer party or barbecue, I'd like to try making pina colada style ones too with some coconut milk and rum - yum yum!

You could even try adding a dash or two of bitters to the recipe! My boyfriend Pete has just started harbouring a real love for chamomile and is a big fan of an Old Fashioned which he likes to add bitters too, usually plum or peach, so some of these would make a great present for him.

I'm SO looking forward to more Downton Abbey later this year, it seems we're on television hiatus before all the good shows start back up in Autumn. Maggie Smith's character of the the dowager Violet is one of the best parts of the show with her aserbic wit biting through in every sentence and breaking the tension just perfectly! These would make great little pressies to give all your DA loving friends as each one has a different quote on the back!

I've become a little tired of macarons I think due to the over-saturation of them in our shops. Seriously, don't bother buying the supermarket ones if you really want to try them go to Laduree or Pierre Herme and get the real thing! They are time consuming to make so I rarely bother, but these S'mores Macarons from Bakers Royale look worth the effort.

Ooooh jackalopes! Such a cute imaginary creature! I've been looking for a good jackalope accessory for a while but nothing I've found has ever been quite right, these gorgeous brooches look just perfect though! I'm big on brooches and pins at the moment, you can jazz up any old outfit with a good one and they're usually pretty well priced compared to other jewellery pieces.

I'll leave you with this lovely little mash-up cover from Sydney Baldwin, probably one of the cutest things ever!