Lovely Links #7

How I wish I had been able to visit the exhibition of Frida Kahlo's wardrobe in Mexico City.

Maybe checking out Frida's gorgeous dresses made me pick out that first little number... such gorgeous stuff on ASOS Curve at the moment.
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Another gem I found while searching the net for gorgeous home library ideas.

And speaking of gems how great is this wooden jewel tutorial? SUCH a clever idea!

This renovated men's club in the US is incredible, so cosy creepy. It even has a theatre! Check our more photos on the New York Times website here.

I reeeeeeally want this gorgeous mirrored dressing / vanity table! Far too pricey for my budget but it is lovely isn't it...

If you can believe it, this is not a real octopus but a painting. What the hell I hear you cry! Yep, a painting made from layers and layers of resin and acrylic paint. Keng Lye is one smart cookie.

And segwaying from cookies, don't these pancake batter dipped apple slices look fantastic?! If it wasn't for this low carb diet I'd have made these already.

And last but not least while looking for a good I Love Lucy shirt I came across a website called Pop Funk and fell in love with lots of their designs. There are my favourite...
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