Petrified In Polka Dots (My First Outfit Post)

Soooooo it's taken me a really long time to get the nerves up to post some outfit photos. As is obvious from these photos I'm a larger lady and therefore have had it drummed into my head that I should be ashamed of my size. I have never been ecstatic about the fact that I'm plus size but despite this have never shyed away from wearing something outlandish if I think it looks good or doing my hair in a more unusual style for the times. I guess I thought I was pretty confident in my appearance.... until I started trying to take these photos.

I took four, yes four, different sets of photos in different outfits before choosing these few to post; and I must admit that the thought of hitting publish in a few minutes is making me feel a little nauscious. I tried typing this post about five times, and stopped, and then left it another day and stewed on it some more. Then I was having my usual weekend browse through my blog feed and on Instagram and my eyes were filled with all these gorgeous bigger women and I said to myself no, you can't chicken out on this. Seeing all these beautiful women like Beth, Callie, Tess, Fluvia and many more showing off their savvy style always fills me with happiness and confidence, so lets hope it lasts long enough for me to click 'publish'...! 

Hmmmm I look pretty grumpy there huh...

This dress has been a wardrobe staple of mine since I bought it last Summer. It's made of a lovely silky viscose rather than the usual printed cotton so it hangs wonderfully and moves in a more elegant way. It is however pretty lightweight so you can easily find yourself doing an 'accidental Marilyn' if you're caught in a breeze or tootling down some stairs a little too quickly!

Dress - Evans
(No longer for sale but they do have this cute little spotty number in at the moment!)
Green Cotton Feel Tights - Clothing at Tesco
Black Suede Wedges - New Look