Pastel Pink Hair #1

I'll start off my apologising for the rubbish Instagram photos - this weekend was a busy one for sure. I've wanted pale pink in my hair for a really long time, but made a bit of a spur of the moment decision to do it last weekend when I saw L'Oreal's new Feria Pastel Pink Panther hair dye in Boots. I've been put off before by the whole mixing brighter pink with conditioner to lighten it etc etc but having it pre-done in a toning conditioner was a godsend. I bought it right away but didn't have a chance to give it a go until this weekend just passed.

I sectioned off the hair I wanted to dye and then got Pete to actually apply it as it wasn't in a place that I could reach and be accurate. It went on prety easily and then I wrapped it in cling film and let it sit for 15 minutes. I had just bleached my roots before and the dye took a lot better at the just lightened parts than the tips where I haven't bleached it since they were roots themselves, but it still took on a good amount of colour. I actually had to shampoo my hair to get some of the pink out as it was a little bright for my liking.

This was the result! Lovely pink and white hair that made me resemble a drumstick lolly - huzzah! Dying the underneath of my hair however showed just how much I needed a trim so I booked a last minute appointment at my local salon and had it cut... more than I had intended, but I like the results. Unfortunately as they washed my hair again more of the pink came out and I know have a peachy look, but I'm going to re-pink at the weekend and hopefully it will hold a little longer.

This is my post-chop hair. I never really wear it down and straight like this so you never really saw how long it was, but it was mid way down my back so quite a lot came off the length! It feels so much healthier and looks so much thicker now though so at the moment I'm not regretting it. We'll wait and see next time I try an up-do, I may hate it then...!!!!

I also played around with a Biba eyeshadow palette that I got last year using the bronze gold and petrol blue colours with a really light frost under my brow arch. The colours are wonderuflly vibrant and I'll definitely buy more Biba palettes if I come across them!

I hope you all had a great weekend too - what did you all get up to?