Chiffon & Cadillacs - An Outfit Post

I am right in thinking that all outfit posts should have a silly title right? That's the general impression I get... and I like it.

Booooooooooo roots...

Dress - Simply Be
Tights - Clothing at Tesco 60 Denier
Black Suede Wedges - New Look
Pink Flow Clip - Forever 21
Pink Chiffon Scarf - Vintage Fair


This is one of my aaaaabsolute favourite dresses that I own - bright colours + chiffon + cute old cars = Nancy's kitschy dream dress. Teamed with some comfy black wedges and a silly pink bow this was a great lazy Sunday outfit for popping to an antique fair and wandering round town.

My hair wasn't looking that great as it was due for a re-blonding and was dry-shampooed to hell so as a result was really fly-away - I just stuck it in a messy roll and added some flowers and a chiffon scarf to make it presentable! I hate the week leading up to bleaching day as I like to not wash my hair for two days before doing it - this might sound a bit gross but having some natural oils on your hair and scalp helps protect it from the harsh bleach so it doesn't get as damaged. I always try to only lighten it every four weeks or so too to prevent breakage and drying it out.

Do you guys have any secret hints and tips for bleaching your hair that keeps it healthier and less ravaged?