Gramps' Birthday Lunch

For a change this weekend we actually had some sunshine - it seems that so far this year the only nice weather we have had has been on weekdays when I'm trapped in my office at work so it was a real treat to be able to catch some rays!

The Birthday Boy!

The good weather seemed even more heaven sent as Pete and I had planned to visit my Grandparents with my Mum and Dad taking along a birthday lunch and pressies for Gramps' birthday. It was the first time Pete has visited Gran and Gramps' house and I was eager for him to see how lovely it is, but there will be more on that in a later post!

Lovely ice cold bubbles.

We arrived a little after midday and found Gramps in the kitchen and Gran sitting in the garden on her favourite bench in the sun, so we all headed out there for some celebratory bubbly and pressie opening. Pete and I bought him a bottle of one of his favourite red wines, and I gave Gran a sweet little box of Thorntons choccies (her favourite) so she didn't feel left out! My parents gave a pretty set of blue patterned plates and some chocolates and other treats.

Sparkly wrappings all round.

We had such a nice time sitting talking that we ate lunch quite late. Mum had made one of her lovely puff pastry tarts topped with chilli, smoked bacon and cheddar that we ate cold with some lovely dressed salad, pickled beetroots, boiled egg halves and homemade creamy potato salad. We finished off with strawberries and clotted cream - all in all the perfect meal for a Summers day!

Dad and Gran in a nice blouse and waistcoat from Denmark.

It was wonderful to be able to sit out in their pretty little garden catching up. Unfortunately we don't tend to see Gran and Gramps much any more as I am always so busy with baking and weekend plans and they find it hard to travel now. I have made a mid year resolution to set aside time to go and see them and my other Grandma in Lichfield more frequently.

Lovely Mumsy!

I snuck away at one point to get some photos of inside the house, but it is so fab that I'm going to dedicate a whole post to it soon.

Happy Birthday Gramps!!!