A Very Busy Baking Week!

Boy has this last week been a busy one! Not only have I have my usual baking order for Tylers Coffee Shop, but have also had orders for some boozy birthday cupcakes, a three tier wedding cake and a giant christening cake!

I was oh so nervous about the wedding cake having never done anything this traditional before but I really like the way it turned out. I bought new tins and a three tier stand and had fun finding large batch cake recipes that actually tasted good too! The only downside was getting lost in Loughborough University's giant maze like complex trying to find the reception venue!

The bottom tier of the cake was a traditional fruit cake with marzipan, and the middle and top tier a delicious moist vanilla bean cake with buttercream and raspberry jam. I covered them all in homemade royal icing and found the prettiest sugarpaste flower sprays of roses and cala lillies.

Then this was the giant 12" christening cake that I did for one of the directors at Tylers Department Store. I used the same lovely vanilla bean cake recipe and again filled it with raspberry jam and buttercream.

I really like making pretty cakes that are covered in buttercream rather than fondant icing as I like my cakes to taste as good as they look. I just don't think fondant is yummy so prefer to use it only for smaller accent decorations such as the letter tiles on this cake. The adorable buttons are made form sugarpaste.

Here I edited the photo a little differently to show off the darling blues better. The super cute booties are made from clay dough and are not edible, but to be kept as a keepsake with places to write the baby's name and date of birth on the bottom.

All in all this was a very tiring but worthwhile week as I got to try so many new techniques and recipes out, but I'm glad I have a little break from big cakes for a while so I can recouperate! We actually attended the wedding that the above cake was for on Saturday and then had one of our best friend's birthday parties straight after, so boy am I tired!!!!