Sailboats and Silhouettes

I find that sometimes when you're not looking forward to something, it usually turns out okay on the day and maybe you'll end up with a few unexpected perks. This week I had to go for a check up at the dentist which I'm really not partial to - after a childhood spent with a lot of painful trips to the dental clinic due to breaking my two front teeth when I was in primary school I always find it pretty daunting.

This time however I was in there for only a few minutes and didn't have to have any work done which was great. The other good thing about this trip was that there is a little charity shop just down the road so I popped in on the off chance that I might find a few pretty pieces - and that I did!

The darling set of sailboat glasses above were just £1.99 and go perfectly with the other gilded glassware on our cocktail shelf, and I also stumbled across this gorgeous little set of framed sihouettes - I'm so glad I did decide to rummage through that box of frames!!!!

One is missing the top hanging ring but that is easily fixed, and the image had slipped from the mounting on another but I just opened the back up and fixed that in a jiffy with some sticky tape. These were £1.99 each which I thought was a little pricey for a charity shop due to their small size, but I just loved them and I'm sure they would have set me back a lot more than that had I found them on eBay or in a vintage shop.

Sorry for the bad Instagram pics! You can just make out my lovely little carafe too, it has pretty engraved detailing on both parts and is just the right size. I've been looking for one for ages and finally found this one on eBay, its actually a Laura Ashley piece. As you can see I haven't hung my new Moomin plate yet, but will as soon as my second one arrives.
I hope you all had a nice weekend too, I would love to see your thrifting finds too!!!